Our client, one of India’s finest hotel groups, runs a luxury, 5-star hotel in Ahmedabad. Plagued by multiple issues with their drainage lines and septic tanks – clogged pipelines, extremely bad odour, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches around the septic tank and costly and repeated maintenance needs – they turned to us for help.

Our clients – India’s oldest and largest dairy foods manufacturers – have a plant in Gujarat, manufacturing a wide range of products, including milk and milk derived food products like cheese, butter, ghee, ice creams and more. Their effluent treatment plant (ETP), using both aerobic and anaerobic digestors, was not able to efficiently degrade wastewater constituents. Frustrated, they asked us for help in making their ETP more efficient.

The Rann Utsav, a vibrant annual festival celebrating the cultural heritage of Kutch, is a major tourist attraction. Dhordo, a small village in Bhuj, serves as the gateway for Rann Utsav. As with any event witnessing large numbers of people attending, toilet maintenance became a challenge and they turned to us for a solution.

Our client’s factory in South India manufactures Pharma APIs. Most of the manufactured ingredients are antibiotics and the presence of these residues in the wastewater was adding toxic load to the generic microbial population in the biological unit. They turned to us for a solution to reduce COD levels and stabilize plant performance.

Mr. Rao has a 20-acre aquafarm in Vellore, Andhra Pradesh where he carries out freshwater shrimp farming. He had challenges maintaining water quality, resulting in decreased yield and a direct impact on his profits.

He was referred to us for a solution.