The 5 Star Sanitation Champion

One common factor that unites most of India is inefficient drainage and sewerage systems. From the biggest cities of India to small villages to apartment blocks to offices to hotels of all shapes and sizes to bus and rail stations and airport lounges , inefficient drainage and sewerage systems are the great unifier.

This was the issue that affected our client too. One of India’s oldest – and in our experience finest – hotel groups, our client runs a luxury, 5-star hotel in Ahmedabad. They had multiple concerns with their drainage lines and septic tanks. Their pipelines were constantly clogged due to accumulation of fats, oil and grease in the drainage lines. Their septic tank was covered in flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches. The system needed constant maintenance, increasing their costs. And equally importantly, the odour generated by their drainage system was too obnoxious to bear.

This was when they approached us for an immediate and lasting solution. And our solution was Bioclean Septic.

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Bioclean Septic is our unique microbial consortium with a superior strain of microbes capable of degrading sludge accumulated in pipes, septic tanks, leach drains. The beneficial microbes present in “Bioclean Septic” have metabolic capabilites and are specially selected to digest accumulated fats, oil, grease, proteins, starch and other organic buildup by secreting necessary enzymes.

Bioclean Septic is a cost-effective, proven and eco-friendly solution that prevents clogging while increasing the life span of drainage lines / septic tanks by reducing the frequency of sewage pumpout and operation and maintenance work.

Choking of drainage pipe lines due to accumulation of sludge and obnoxious odour from septic tanks are common in residential areas, hotels, restaurants, commercial places like malls, IT parks etc. Generally, chemicals are heavily used to resolve these concerns but this is neither ideal nor long lasting and also can lead to exposure to toxic substances. Chemical use also leads to additional drain cleaning, treatment and maintenance, thus increasing operational costs.

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The biological cleaners present in Bioclean Septic play a very important role in treating such concerns. They provide powerful, broad-spectrum capabilities that are far greater than enzymatic chemicals available in the market today. Bioclean Septic develops a healthy microflora that effectively degrades all organic sewage pollutants thereby maintaining the natural biological health of the septic systems.

We began a 4-week bio-augmentation program for our clients. Bioclean Septic was applied through various plumbing outlets like toilet flushing, bathrooms, wash basins etc. The results were visible in 20 days. The drain lines were free flowing again with no accumulation, just as nature intended. We observed drastic reduction in organic waste and FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease). Odours were minimised. Chemical consumption was naturally reduced, leading to reduced operations and maintenance cost. And yes, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches became a thing of the past.

Using Organica Biotech’s advanced microbial technology allowed the hotel to achieve further efficiency in their wastewater treatment plant, while reducing cost of treatment. And the best part? The treated waste water is recycled to garden plants in the vicinity of the hotel. Now, that is what we call a 5-star cycle.