Why Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions Are Urgently Needed In India

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

As per an estimate, approximately 80% of water supplied to households in India is released as wastewater. There is a significant gap between the wastewater generated and its treatment in India. Urban cities like Delhi and Mumbai generate millions of litres of wastewater every day. It is beyond the capacity of the existing treatment facilities to treat it effectively. Also, the waste management authorities are not well equipped to tackle the challenge of wastewater generation in the future as well.

Major Challenges

1. Rapidly increasing population in India is a cause of concern as more and more people are moving from rural areas to urban cities. This has put too much stress on the wastewater treatment facilities. All this have increased the amount of wastewater generated in Tier l and Tier ll cities in India.

2. The industrial growth in the past decades has contributed to an extensive amount of industrial wastewater generation. Moreover, agricultural activities and commercial spaces produce waste too. Untreated wastewater from such sources and the chemicals washed off from agriculture fields often reaches water bodies and cause water pollution.

3. Household waste like human excreta and industrial waste containing harmful chemicals, heavy metals and toxins can cause diseases. Wastewater contains carcinogens too which cause fatal conditions like cancer.

4. The population in India requires water for industries, agriculture and domestic use. And in the coming years, it is expected to grow. It has put immense pressure on freshwater resources. Hence, wastewater treatment and management is essential to meet the water needs of the country.

5. Lack of wastewater treatment facilities has added to the woes. There are 269 sewage treatment plants in different parts of the country out of which only 231 are functional. 39% of sewage treatment plants do not conform to the standards as laid down by Environmental protection agencies for the discharge of treated effluent into the rivers.

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The wastewater treatment situation is quite alarming, and urgent solutions are needed to tackle this challenge.

The conventional wastewater treatment processes involve primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater. In the first stage, physical tools and processes such as sedimentation and flocculation are used to remove the solid waste particles. In the secondary stage, the biological process is used where the beneficial microbial community degrades the organic waste into harmless by-products like water and carbon dioxide. It is the most important process in the treatment of wastewater. The tertiary treatment involves disinfection process.

As mentioned before, wastewater generated due to higher population densities, industrialization and urbanization has overburdened the existing treatment facilities. Many of them are malfunctioning and unable to perform at its best, thereby putting the human population and environment at risk.

There are several new technologies developed for wastewater treatment and management. But they are either too expensive or involves complex functions and maintenance. India, on the other hand, urgently requires solutions which are cost-effective, powerful and easy to use.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with innovative and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions which can boost the performance of wastewater treatment plants in India.

Cleanmaxx STP is a consortium of efficient microbial community that degrades all kinds of waste, maximizes BOD removal and minimizes sludge production. One of the major highlights is that it can be used in sewage water treatment or pumping station set up without any modification in the hardware setup. Micro-encapsulated in powder form, the easy to use solution can power sewage treatment plants in India and help in minimizing the sewage problem as well.

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