Healing Fruit With Nature’s Magic

Native to the Middle East, pomegranate is a superfruit loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins. Pomegranates are even known for their anti-inflammation qualities and are recommended for preserving bone strength. One challenge with growing pomegranates though, as with any fruit, is the constant threat of bacterial and fungal infections that can drastically affect productivity and yield at any farm.

This was the challenge Prasad Subhash Ahir faced at his farm in Nashik. A fungal infection was running rampant at his farm, affecting all fruits. The infection was causing fruit to develop dark brown spots and patches, thus leading to him not being able to sell the crop. He also observed that his pomegranates were smaller in size with an increase in incidences of fruit drops.

Our representative in Nashik gave him the solution he needed: Magic Gro DripSol.

Magic Gro Drip Sol is our research-backed consortium of non-genetically engineered, beneficial and robust microbes that are non-pathogenic and enhance soil fertility and boost plant immunity. It is proven to reduce fruit and flower drop, rejuvenate the soil while helping decomposition of organic matter in the soil. It also enhances microbial load in soil and helps in crop growth by improving the uptake of nutrients. Magic Gro Drip Sol also helps in prevention of major soil-borne and foliar diseases and enhances fertility of soil by increasing microbial and organic ingredients.

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We applied two doses of Magic Gro Drip Sol in intervals of 15-20 days. We used 500 grams per acre in the first application and reduced it to 250 grams per acre for the second dose. The results were visible within 10 days. The fungal infection was reduced by 85% in the treated plot and the pomegranates were also visibly bigger. Over time, the infection was fully treated and no new instances of infection cropped up either.

They say eating lots of fruit is a vital component of a healthy diet. Which is why we have developed solutions to ensure that the fruit you eat is as healthy always as nature wants it to be.