Green Wastewater Treatment That Treats All Colours Equally

Wastewater treatment is a challenge across industries. Process-led contamination, external pollutants, and environmental variables… all combine to introduce different permutations of challenges that the wastewater treatment plant needs to resolve economically and efficiently.

One of the most challenging wastewater scenarios is often in dyes and paint-making units, where the addition of colours adds another layer of complexity to the process.

Such was the case with our client, too.

Our client has a dye manufacturing plant located in Western India. They were dealing with a myriad number of issues here, the primary among them was poor MLSS development.

Optimal MLSS development is extremely crucial to the wastewater treatment process. When MLSS levels go too high, it can overload the system, resulting in bulking biomass and improper settling.

On the other hand, when MLSS levels are too low, it results in a lot of energy wastage, and the effluent doesn’t get treated properly.

Our client had an aerobic wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 75 KLD. After analyzing their effluent parameters, our experts recommended a 60-day treatment program with Cleanmaxx.

Our solutions for wastewater treatment target a wide range of industries and are custom-designed to effectively and substantially degrade organic waste.

Cleanmaxx is a specialised heterogenous concentrated consortium of uniquely functional bacteria that can withstand hostile effluent waters.

Cleanmaxx is capable of rapid biomass development and can withstand fluctuations in any wastewater quality.

The bacterial consortium can sense, adapt & effectively treat aerobically treated wastewater of any industry origin, creating a unique microbial fingerprint acclimatised to the wastewater.

Treatment of wastewater with Cleanmaxx ensures rapid biomass generation while actively reducing sludge volume.

Cleanmaxx simultaneously ensures high levels of COD/BOD reduction even in effluent with high TDS and recalcitrant compounds. Cleanmaxx is the perfect treatment for any type of aerobic wastewater system.

Sure enough, the results with Cleanmaxx at our client’s plant were as efficient and immediate as always.

MLSS (Aeration Tank) in PPM

MLSS levels went up by more than 200% at the end of 60 days, holding steady thereafter, with COD levels too showing a corresponding marked improvement.

COD Parameters Graph

Our clients were extremely happy with the results, too.

So happy that they have been our continued clients for 5 years now, with Organica Biotech being their first port of call for any concerns related to wastewater treatment.

If you are struggling with wastewater treatment challenges of any kind, get in touch with us so we can offer you an efficient, effective, eco-friendly wastewater treatment solution combining the best of science with the best of nature.