Improved Sanitation Leads To Healthier Environment !

Across the world there has been great technological and lifestyle advancement, however in spite of this great progress there is approximately 40 % of the world population that is still deprived of proper sanitation facilities. The Indian Government has been working hard to build proper sanitation infrastructure to give India an ODF status. But, to sustain the sanitation infrastructure it is important to adopt proper practices for effective faecal sludge management and build awareness among the masses to maintain sanitation and hygiene for good health.

Right sanitation measures, when combined with good hygiene, lead to improved health conditions facilitating social and economic development. To achieve this, best practices in faecal sludge management will need to be adopted for effectively maintaining the sanitation infrastructure.

In India, there are studies which indicate that close to 67% of the urban toilets are not connected to a sewer system. This would mean most of the faecal matter is treated in septic tanks / bio digesters / bio toilets / leach pits etc. Improper septic tank treatment leads to spread of disease-causing pathogens which affect the health of the community.

Faecal sludge management is further challenging in septic tanks since households use modern chemical-based cleaning products which impact the performance of faecal degradation and lead to septic tank failures.

In most cases of septic tank failure, the methods adopted for septic tank cleaning is to resort to pumping out the sludge from septic tanks or use manual scavengers. Manual scavenging has been banned over 25 years ago but is still practiced across the country. Recently, the TATA Trust with their recent initiative, Mission Garima have brought to light the working conditions of sanitation workers engaged in manual scavenging. It is shameful that even 25 years after our Nation banned manual scavenging, every 5 days, a manual scavenger dies cleaning our sewage systems. These deaths are especially senseless since there are safe and innovative biotechnology solutions for septic tank treatment.

Efficient measures for septic tank cleaning and faecal sludge management with the availability of good sanitation infrastructure will help create a sustainable environment.

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