We solve everyday problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. We’re making sure humans have a place in the Earth’s future.

As individuals, as communities, as economies, we each have a responsibility to protecting life as we know it and safeguarding it for future generations.

Dr. Ganesh Kamath / Director


Let nature boost your business

For over two decades we’ve been harnessing the science in nature to innovate a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges. From lab to site, our team of experts partner with you to turn our products into clear performance value.

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Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of solutions for septic tank cleaning, sewage and wastewater treatment. Bioclean Septic is one of the best products available in the market for septic tank systems

Biofloc Fish Farming In India

Different Indian states have started to use the biofloc system to enhance fish/shrimp farming output, boost quality and help fish farmers gain more in the process. Odisha’s Fisheries and Animal Resources recently announced the use of biofloc fish farming technology for boosting aquaculture in Odisha.

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Organica Biotech’s Bioclean Bio toilet products and solutions can solve the open defecation crisis in India and the world.

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People find the composting process to be time-consuming and others can’t stand the foul odor coming from it. Organica Biotech’s SoilMate solves these challenges.

What are the Three Stages of Wastewater Treatment?

Organica Biotech’s Cleanmaxx is one of the best wastewater treatment products which contains adaptable microbes that degrade organic waste aggressively, maximizes BOD reduction, and minimizes sludge formation