We solve everyday problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. We’re making sure humans have a place in the Earth’s future.

As individuals, as communities, as economies, we each have a responsibility to protecting life as we know it and safeguarding it for future generations.

Dr. Ganesh Kamath / Managing Director


Let nature boost your business

For over two decades we’ve been harnessing the science in nature to innovate a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges. From lab to site, our team of experts partner with you to turn our products into clear performance value.

Improved soil health, faster growth, better nutrition, improved plant immunity and higher yields even under stressed climatic conditions.
Integrated sanitation systems to address facility construction in small spaces and speed up faecal matter conversion.
Improve water and soil quality and enhance the health of farmed aquatic species without damage to the ecosystem.
Maintain stable gut microflora in cattle to improve overall health and immunity and increase yield naturally.
Expedite composting with microbes that speedily convert complex wastes into simpler forms without emission of foul odours.

From the blog

The pressing issue of sanitation in Nigeria

With limited access to sanitation facilities, Nigeria has historically been among the top countries in the world seeing open defecation. Apart from the environmental challenges, this is also blooming into a full-blown health crisis for the country.

Microbster – The robust eco-friendly input for Biomass Development

With the world’s water consumption increasing rapidly and the rise of untreated release of water by industries, the perils of inefficient wastewater treatment has recently come to the fore.

Why India can’t breathe

Air pollution in India has been at drastic levels for a while now. The Government has been taking baby steps to counter this. But this is not enough. We need urgent and immediate measures to reverse this and as with everything else, change happens at an individual level.

How household cleaning products are harming us in more ways than one

The very same ingredients and chemicals that enable household cleaning products to keep our homes spotless, gleaming, germ-free and fragrant are also loaded with chemicals that can cause harm to humans and the environment.

How crucial is it to conserve water in our daily lives and activities?

It’s hard to imagine a world without water – how will we manage the crisis and what it will mean for us as a race. And yet, not enough is being done, and not soon enough, to address this urgently.

What is biodiversity? And why does it matter?

Biodiversity matters simply because without it we would not exist. However, this naturally balanced web of interdependence has suffered a lot due to an explosion in human population and a spike in the demand for natural resources.

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