CleanMaxx: Complete 360 Degree Wastewater Treatment

Our clients, one of India’s oldest, largest, and most-loved menswear brands, have a plant in Madhya Pradesh where they manufacture fabrics, apparel, polyester wool, viscose, and furnishings.

They were facing several issues with the functioning of the effluent treatment plant (ETP) here.

Layout of Effluent Treatment PlantThe effluent was filled with colour from the dyes used in fabric manufacture which they were unable to clean. COD levels in the effluent were well above Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) norms.

Oil and grease levels in the effluent were quite high as well. It was in this situation that their wastewater engineers approached us for a solution.

Influent ParametersWe started delving into the issues and discovered that all products and ingredients used in the plant were organic. But they were using domestic sewage in the aeration tank as a nutrient source and the bio-culture in their ETP wasn’t doing an effective job at wastewater treatment.

After discussions to understand their existing treatment plant, all their issues, and their expected outcomes, our technical team advised them to start microbial treatment using CleanMaxx, the complete, economical biotech solution.

CleanMaxx is a research-backed revolution in wastewater treatment. A proven consortium of 76-90 different strains of microbes, CleanMaxx is tailor-made for optimum impact in wastewater treatment plants.

With a completely natural formula, the microbes in CleanMaxx are safe for all applications – with the ability to break down complex organic molecules through diverse catabolic pathways.

The microbes act on dyes in the effluent and decolourize the wastewater in a super quick time too. With CleanMaxx’s proven abilities when it comes to COD reduction and FOG management, it was the ideal solution for all of our client’s woes.

And results with CleanMaxx here too were unsurprisingly spectacular and immediate.

COD Reduction Before and After GraphThe bioculture our clients had been using till then was able to reduce COD by 56%. After the addition of CleanMaxx though, within 2 months, COD levels were reduced by 90%.

Oil and Grease Reduction GraphThe concentration of oil and grease in the effluent was reduced too. And in dramatic proportions. Before starting the CleanMaxx treatment, oil and grease concentration in the effluent was at 50 ppm.

But CleanMaxx has specialized strains especially designed to consume oil and grease and reduced the oil and grease concentration in our client’s ETP to 5-7ppm.

Colour too was gradually removed from the dye-laden effluent and the wastewater was totally decolourized by the end of the treatment.

Fill out the form below if you too want to experience the benefits of CleanMaxx at your wastewater treatment plant. Available in a concentrated microbial formulation, CleanMaxx is the TLC your wastewater treatment plant needs.

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