Redefining Cleaning Standards: Switch From Chemical to Organic Cleaning Products Today 

Organic Cleaning Products


Knowledge about the value of cleanliness is probably one of the few positive outcomes of coronavirus pandemic. Cleanliness and hygiene is a top priority in workplaces, restaurants and commercial spaces, since it can reduce the risk of diseases and keep everyone safe. Thus, it is safe to say that cleaning standards have been redefined.

In the quest to keep workspaces clean, people often use chemical cleaning products for bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning and other cleaning purposes. But chemical cleaning products come with several possible risks.

First, chemicals like nitrogen, ammonia and phosphorus used in cleaning products are volatile organic compounds or VOC’s which are hazardous and can harm human health. It can cause immediate health issues like skin irritation, eye irritation and skin diseases when you come in contact with it.

Secondly, experts believe that toxic fumes released from chemical cleaners are one of the major causes of indoor pollution. Moreover, continuous exposure to such chemicals can cause illness and thus reduce the productivity of people working in commercial spaces.

In addition, the use of cleaners with harsh chemicals also presents a significant environmental threat. When these contaminants are drained out, they contaminate the groundwater. This adds to the natural ecosystem being disrupted by water pollution and soil degradation.

Thankfully, there are safer alternatives to non-toxic and efficient cleaning materials for cleaning. Organic products for cleaning are healthy, natural and eco-friendly. It is high time, therefore, to switch to organic cleaning solutions.

Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products

Unlike chemical cleaners, the use of organic cleaning products has many advantages. This is the reason why people, with the aid of organic cleaners, easily accept green cleaning.

Healthy and Safe 

The top priorities in workplaces and other commercial spaces today are health and safety. Products for organic cleaning are made from natural ingredients derived from plants. Therefore, since you are shielded from any form of chemical contamination, it is absolutely safe to use in the indoor area and everywhere else.

Clean Air

With organic cleaning products, you don’t have to be concerned about poisonous fumes. There are no toxic VOC’s and hence are safe. You can also enjoy a pleasant, natural scent that will provide you with positive vibes and peace.


Natural cleaning products are entirely in accordance with nature, unlike chemicals that can adversely affect the atmosphere on a wide scale by polluting water bodies. They are eco-friendly and encourage safe living.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of organic cleaning products for offices, hotels and commercial spaces. A great alternative to chemical cleaners, the natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are very effective for different applications.

OB Care Multi-purpose Cleaner is a single solution for cleaning all your surfaces like general areas, corridors, passages, washrooms etc.

OB Care Floor Cleaner is an organic floor cleaner which keeps your floors sparkling and provides natural fragrance.

OB Care Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator help in keeping washroom floor clean with other features like long-lasting action, deodorizing effect and pleasant atmosphere.

OB Care Degreaser is an advanced natural degreaser that effectively removes fats, oils and grease deposits.

Embrace Organica Biotech’s OB Care range of cleaning products to redefine your cleaning standards. They are best cleaning solutions to maintain a safe and healthy environment at offices, hotels and other commercial spaces.

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