Why Eco-Friendly Cleaners Are Great for a Corporate Environment

Eco Friendly Cleaners

As environmental awareness is increasing across the world, workplaces and corporate offices are becoming environmentally conscious. More and more companies are designing and implementing initiatives to promote sustainable cleaning that protects the environment. Adopting green cleaning solutions such as eco-friendly cleaners can go a long way in achieving this objective. 

Find out major reasons why eco-friendly cleaners are great for a corporate environment. 

No Chemicals

Commercial spaces like corporate offices often stock up conventional chemical cleaners for cleaning. However, various concerns have been raised over the persistent use of chemicals on humans and the environment. It is now known that chemical cleaners are loaded with toxic substances and may carry certain health risks. In contrast, eco-friendly cleaners such as Organica Biotech’s OB Care range of products are made of plant-based ingredients and have no harmful effects.

Better Individual Health

When it comes to individual health, chemical cleaners may cause allergic reactions, asthma and skin problems. The cleaning professionals are exposed to harsh formulations and toxic substances present in chemical cleaners every day. This is the reason why they have to use thick gloves to avoid coming in contact with chemicals.

On the other hand, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions can have many positives. For example, a clean and healthy work environment will automatically increase employee productivity. Also, green and sustainable cleaning will have a positive effect by keeping visitors and guests safe. Moreover, green cleaning solutions are safe for the cleaning crew at corporate spaces as they contain gentler ingredients that are harmless to the skin or body. 


The chemicals used to clean workplaces are flushed down the drains and released into the environment. They are found to be a major source of water and air pollution as well as soil contamination. On the contrary, organic cleaning solutions consist of biodegradable particles which are easily decomposed and cause no harm to the environment. Thus, by choosing eco-friendly cleaners, a corporate can assume responsibility and play an active role in protecting the environment from the negative effects of chemicals. 

Conventional cleaning products also contribute to higher levels of indoor pollution. However, organic cleaning solutions promote good air quality and cause no pollution.


It is a common myth that eco-friendly cleaners are expensive. In reality, industrial-grade chemical cleaners are costly, whereas organic cleaning solutions are more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, a powerful and highly effective eco-friendly cleaner can help with deep cleaning, and you can save money through better cleaning efficiency.

As the demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions increase, various efforts are made to innovate and develop products for a green future. Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies that has developed efficient and effective organic cleaning solutions after many years of dedicated research in the field. The OB Care range of products consists of Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Natural Degreaser, Urinal Drain Cleaner, Organic Floor Cleaner, FlushFree Urinal SprayThe products are made from extracts of corn, vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients. And they are completely safe for the cleaning crew, employees, visitors and staff at corporate offices and causes no harm to the environment. For more details about Organica Biotech’s eco-friendly cleaning products for corporate spaces, contact us at any time.

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