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Prevent and Control Sucking Pests and White Fly in Cotton

Looking at the side effects of pesticides, how can farmers protect their crops from unwanted pests and weeds?

Cotton farmers can take a holistic approach to crop protection by looking for sustainable options that are better for farm workers, the farming community, and the environment.

Conserve Water In Corporate Washrooms Without Compromising On Hygiene

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for people, especially in the business world. Climate change continues to affect humans and the fate of species around the planet. As individuals, we are doing our part in protecting the environment; however, adopting sustainable business practices has become imperative for business owners, leaders, and administrators.

Improve Gut Health in Fish to Increase Aquaculture Productivity

The importance of gut health in aquaculture is recognized widely. Fish’s digestive systems are the direct outcome of the stable, desirable gut bacteria. The optimum gut microflora impacts feed efficiency, performance, and overall productivity.

Algal Bloom- A Major Threat To Fisheries, Economy & Public Health.

Phytoplankton is an essential constituent of the marine food chain and comprises 40% of the total fixed global primary productivity. Out of 5,000 species of marine phytoplankton in the world, 7% are responsible for algal blooms, including diatoms, dinoflagellates, raphidophytes, prymnesiophytes and silicoflagellates. Out of 7% algal bloom, 2% of phytoplankton species are toxic, and dinoflagellates contribute 75%. The occurrence of blooms is spontaneous; their growth and persistence are a combination of physical, chemical and biological factors interacting in unpredictable ways.

Five Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Products that every Organisation should have!

As a business owner who wants to keep their company growing stronger and their workforce operating at maximum productivity, you don’t just need your staff to be well-trained, but healthy too. One of the essential things you must do to ensure employees’ well-being and safety is to keep the workplace clean. If you see your employees take sick leaves very often, it’s a warning sign that they are uncomfortable with the office environment, and that you need to fix it immediately. 

A Guide To The Different Types Of Biostimulants

With the increased requirement for food supply, biostimulants have become one of the most commonly used stimulants in the agriculture industry. With their recent popularity, traditional stimulants such as fertilizers and pesticides can be easily replaced due to the biostimulant’s unique method of influencing growth and development in more than one way. Compared to traditional fertilizers, Biostimulants offer much more potential growth by improving yields and crop quality.

Easy Steps to Convert Traditional Urinals to Waterless

Every converted urinal saves approximately 100,000 litres of water annually, saving important resources and reducing carbon footprint. All it takes is a mindset shift, the right resources or solutions and sufficient training to adopt waterless urinals and make them more commonplace, thereby ensuring an environment-friendly, clean and hygienic bathroom for everyone!

A Guide to Installing and Maintaining Waterless Urinals.

Waterless urinals that do away with the flushing mechanism, are being adopted globally to save gallons of water wasted in bathrooms everyday. It is known that mechanical urinals have spillover liquid on the ground and walls that emit a foul odour. Through this blog, we intend to educate readers on the functioning of waterless urinals and the right techniques to clean and maintain them.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning : A Complete Guide

Did you know? The food services industry generates close to 4 billion pounds of inedible grease waste each year. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every restaurant in the US alone generates grease waste ranging from 8,000 to 17,000 pounds. In the absence of a commercial grease trap, most of this waste ends up being discarded directly into the sewage system, or worse, local water bodies.

Biostimulants: A Complete Guide on the Role & Impacts on Plant Growth

The agriculture sector has been facing significant challenges of low productivity in plants due to human activities. As the world’s population grows, requirements for food also increase exponentially. Still, the pressure of climate change, water and wind erosion, salinity, loss of organic matter, environmental pollution, disease-spreading pests and abiotic stress has led to the loss of crop productivity. Biostimulants’ are novel approaches that focus on stimulating plant nutrition processes by improving one or more of the characteristics of the plant, such as nutrient use efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, quality traits, availability of confined nutrients in the soil.

How Usage of Chemicals Affect Natural Enzymes in Septic Tank

A conventional septic tank system performs the important function of holding and treating raw wastewater. Millions of living microorganisms, naturally present in the septic tank, play an important role in the decomposition of organic solid waste. After being acted upon by microbes, the effluent is dispersed into a soil leaching field to be treated further. Finally, the treated effluent is released into the environment. However, extensive usage of chemicals at home can affect the natural enzymes in the septic tank

FAQs About Waterless Urinals

With a billion-plus population, water management is a far greater challenge in India compared to other countries in the world. According to a NITI Aayog report, 75% of households do not have access to clean drinking water, and 84% of households in rural areas lack safe piped water for use. Thus, water conservation measures are essential to ensure water is available in the future. One of the ways to achieve this objective is to use waterless urinals.

According to ENVIS Centre on Hygiene, Sanitation, Sewage Treatment Systems and Technology, a conventional urinal in India requires an average of 3-5 litres of water per flush. It means a large portion of water supplied to households, commercial establishments and industries is flushed down the toilet. Waterless urinals can help to save approximately 56,800 litres to 1,70,000 litres of water per urinal every year.

Future of Biofloc Technology in Bangladesh

With a rapidly growing population and corresponding food demand, expansion and intensification of aquaculture is happening in Bangladesh at a fast rate. The aquaculture sector in Bangladesh is contributing to the nation’s economy, assisting in poverty alleviation and supplying necessary nutrition.

However, a vast quantity of waste generation in aquaculture, extensive use of antibiotic and chemicals have become a major cause of concern for the environment as well as public health. Thus, sustainable aquaculture solutions are urgently required to increase the output without compromising the quality and the environment. Moreover, the latest innovations should reduce the aquaculture dependence on water and land and provide socio-economic support to the farming community. Biofloc technology in Bangladesh has emerged as a promising solution that can help in achieving sustainability and other objectives.

The Future Of Solid Waste Disposal And Management

Waste is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world today, and the future of solid waste management depends on every single individual. Although government authorities, leaders of the nations, municipalities and local communities are working hard to manage the extensive amount of waste generated every day, a radical change in mindset at an individual level is the need of the hour.

On a broader note, improper waste disposal and management, which includes public littering, lack of waste segregation, uncontrolled collection and disposal and poor waste treatment practices, have greatly impacted the world. According to a World Bank report, 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste is generated every year across the world, out of which it is estimated that 33% is not managed properly, impacting the environment.

Muttukadu Estuary: How To Prevent Algal Blooms In Lakes and Reservoirs

Muttukadu, a small town located on the outskirts of Chennai, is well-known for the lush greenery surrounding the place, the backwaters and the serene environment. However, the region has lost its sheen and the diverse flora and fauna in recent times due to growing algal blooms in Muttukadu Estuary.

Algal blooms are not a new phenomenon as you might have seen the green algae covering large areas of coastlines, lakes, ponds, reservoirs etc. However, the exponential growth of harmful algal blooms in freshwater is a matter of grave concern for aquatic organisms, the environment, as well as public health. Therefore, urgent solutions are required to prevent algal bloom.

Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture: 7 Ways Biostimulants Can Help

The agricultural system, from time immemorial, has been dependent on climate and weather patterns for better productivity, quality and output. However, climate change is a growing concern as they are affecting traditional farming practices all over the globe and depleting the quality and quantity of crop production. With a growing population worldwide, the food demand [...]

4 Types of Chemical Cleaning Agents & Why Not to Use Them

All of us want the commercial spaces to be clean so that we can always work in a safe and healthy environment. In pursuit of the best cleaning and fragrant spaces, we use a combination of chemical cleaning solutions. However, conventional cleaners contain strong chemicals which pose health risks for humans and may cause chronic diseases. Moreover, when the chemicals are washed down the drain, they contaminate water and soil and pollute the environment. Thankfully there are efficient, safe, and eco-friendly organic cleaning solutions that are a great alternative to toxic chemical cleaners.

Improving The Cotton Yield in Maharashtra: How Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Products Help

Cotton, one of the most miraculous fibers under the sun is noted for its appearance, performance and more importantly, its versatility. Right from Astronaut suits to sheets and towels in our homes – Cotton is literally everywhere and has maintained its place as the nature’s quintessential wonder in this fast moving world. Millions of hectares are globally devoted to the production of cotton and its many varieties.

It is one of the most important crops of India, which contributes heavily to the agricultural and industrial economy of the country. It provides income opportunities to millions of farmers and people working in the cotton processing field.

Monstera Plant Care Tips: How to Grow and Care For Your Monstera

Monstera plant is a dazzling addition to your home or garden. It is a fast-growing plant with the ability to grow tens of feet tall and up to three feet wide. Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the enormous, shiny and dark green leaves with natural holes makes them unique and fairly easy to recognize. It’s a striking plant for both beginners and experienced plant lovers to grow at home with the necessary monstera plant care tips.

DIY Guide to Make a Compost Bin at Home

Making compost at home has many benefits. First, composting is one of the easiest ways to add nutrients to your garden. Compost is a budget-friendly soil amendment to boost plant growth at your home. Secondly, composting turns a large amount of household organic waste into something useful and protects the environment from the growing waste problem.

How Organica Biotech Helped Rice Farmers Escape Rice Blast and Improve Their Yield by 75%

Rice is the staple food of over half the world’s population and is cultivated over a global area of 165 million hectares.

Therefore, crop failures and lowering productivity due to climate change pose a looming threat of starvation and food security, especially in developing countries.

By 2050, the world will have to feed more than 10 billion human beings. Organica Biotech has recognized this challenge, and devised sustainable strategies to address the problems that plague rice agriculture sector today.

Why Eco-Friendly Cleaners Are Great for a Corporate Environment

As environmental awareness is increasing across the world, workplaces and corporate offices are becoming environmentally conscious. More and more companies are designing and implementing initiatives to promote sustainable cleaning that protects the environment. Adopting green cleaning solutions such as eco-friendly cleaners can go a long way in achieving this objective.
Find out major reasons why eco-friendly cleaners are great for a corporate environment.

Biostimulants in Agriculture: Challenges, Function and Efficacy

In recent years, the use of biostimulants in agriculture has gained increased attention. It has emerged as one of the best methods to promote sustainable production of food by influencing nutrient uptake, plant metabolism and growth. As the agricultural sector faces a wide range of challenges today, find out how biostimulants function and their efficacy to overcome them.

5 Sources of Commercial Restroom Odours and How to Eliminate Them

An unpleasant odour is one of the most common restroom complaints at commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices. More the people use the restroom, the more odour issues arise. A clean bathroom is necessary for good health and hygiene, and regular cleaning can help keep the restroom clean. However, it wouldn’t be enough to eliminate the bad odour in the restroom.
Different obnoxious odours can be found in different areas of the restroom, so locating the source is critical to eliminating them. To get rid of the odour, you may need to use a combination of solutions. The good news is that you can permanently eliminate and prevent commercial restroom odours by using organic cleaning products and toilet odour eliminators.

The Role of Biostimulants In Modern Agriculture

Today, modern agriculture is playing a central role in solving some of the biggest challenges faced by humanity. First, the world population is increasing at an alarming rate, and it is predicted to reach approximately 9 billion people by 2050. The agriculture sector is expected to meet the growing food demand and accomplish food security goals.

Types Of Organic Farming In India & How To Get Started With Sustainable Farming Practices

The population explosion has always been a major challenge in India. Rapid urbanization, better lifestyles, and the increased food consumption pattern today have led to a rise in food demand in the country. Therefore, increased food output is essential to maintain food security and meet consumer demand. It was precisely for this reason why the [...]

Negative Effects of Improper Solid Waste Disposal on Human Health

The rapidly growing population, urbanization and changing consumption patterns in India has led to the generation of vast quantities of solid waste. As per the Swachhata Sandesh Newsletter released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in January 2020, 1,47,613 metric tonnes of solid waste is generated per day, from 84,475 wards across India. The existing process for collection, transportation and disposal, as part of municipal solid waste management, is under undue stress. Thus, improper solid waste disposal poses a great risk to public health.

Rice Production in Malaysia & How Microbiome Technology can help in Boosting Output

Rice is among the top three crops produced in Malaysia, and it is the staple food for the majority of the population. According to estimates, the adult population consumes 2.5 plates of white rice on average every day. In a year, the average consumption of a Malaysian resident is approximately 82.3 kg of rice.

How to Use Enzyme Cleaners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Green cleaning is the future, and thus people are fast embracing safe and eco-friendly solutions for washroom cleaning and other applications in commercial spaces. Enzyme based cleaners have emerged as one of the best green cleaning solutions. These are now preferred due to their various advantages over traditional chemical-based cleaners.

How Household Chemical Cleaners Contribute to Harmful Algal Bloom

Have you ever seen blood-red water or heard about red tide near the coastal areas? What about the green stuff that covers lakes and rivers? It happens when algae, a microscopic living organism, grows rapidly and dominates the aquatic ecosystem. This environmental phenomenon is known as algal bloom. 

Chemical vs Organic Dishwash Liquid

Cleaning is a top priority in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Although washing an infinite amount of dishes, pots, pans, and utensils may be a challenging chore, maintaining good hygiene standards is critical. It is also important for consumer loyalty. But in pursuit of better cleaning, you should not opt for dish wash liquids that may contain potentially harmful chemicals or ingredients. 

Paving The Way For Sustainable Agriculture with Biological Seed Treatment

Seed treatment can be defined as the application of physical, chemical or biological agents to the seed before it is sown in the soil. This process is carried out in the form of dressing, coating and pelleting to fight against pathogens, insects and pests that harm seeds or plants. Biological seed treatment is the most preferred method across the world today as it helps in meeting environmental standards as well as socioeconomic requirements.

The Use of Biostimulants for Enhancing Soil Nutrient Content 

Organica Biotech is one of the pioneers in developing sustainable solutions for agriculture. The Magic Gro range of products made with the help of microbiome enhancement technologies are natural and effective in nurturing soil microbiology. The bacterial community helps in securing nutrient in the soil as well. Plant growth-promoting bacteria can transform agriculture by supporting sustainable farming. It enhances soil nutrient content, increases productivity and negates the use of harmful chemical fertilizers. 

Best Natural Degreaser for Commercial Kitchens

Organica Biotech is a leading provider of innovative natural kitchen cleaning solutions. The OB Care Degreaser is 100% safe and capable of degrading fats, oils, and grease without leaving any residue. The cleaning solution is non-corrosive and free of hazardous chemicals, so your kitchen fixtures and appliances are safe.

Role of Microbial Biostimulants in Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of products with highly innovative microbial biostimulants. They are capable of enhancing soil quality and productivity, leading to crop vigour and better yields. Natural, safe and effective, Organica Biotech products are aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture. The Magic Gro range of products contains an advanced formulation of microbes that adapt to different geo-climatic conditions.

How To Make Your Septic System Eco-Friendly?

Organica Biotech’s ‘Bioclean Septic’ contains septic tank enzyme-producing bacteria that degrade human fecal matter effectively and boost the overall septic tank system performance. It minimizes sludge buildup and prevents choke-ups. Unlike chemical cleaners, it is completely natural, safe and eco-friendly. You can use Bioclean Septic to make the septic tank eco-friendly.

Biofloc Fish Farming For Sustainable Aquaculture

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for aquaculture. Bioflok is a probiotic formulation consisting of an advanced bacterial community. It is capable of maximizing fish farming productivity by degrading wastes.

What Are The Objectives Of Faecal Sludge And Septage Treatment?  

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with an excellent range of solutions for septic tank problems. Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus are special microbial solutions for septic tank treatment, capable of degrading organic waste. It minimizes the sludge buildup and prevents choke-ups.

How Enzymatic Cleaners Compare to Chemical Cleaners are Better in Eliminating Washroom Odour

The OB Care range of cleaning solution includes OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner, OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, OB Care FlushFree Urinal Spray, OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner & much more. The unique enzymatic formulation helps to clean all parts of a washroom without any harmful effects. 

Here’s how to make your neighborhood lake a tourist spot

Bioclean Pond Clarifier provides sludge-free, clear and sparkling water bodies and helps beautify your neighbourhood lakes so next time when you have to imagine your favourite lake place, it doesn’t have to be a lake far far away from your home.

Green Cleaning: Understanding Bio-enzymatic Cleaners & Its Benefits

Bio-enzymatic cleaners can be defined as a formulation that use beneficial microbes to act upon and digest wastes and stains. Microbes perform this function by producing enzymes which break down large stubborn waste molecules into smaller ones which can be cleaned off easily.

Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria: Mechanisms and Applications

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of solutions for sustainable agriculture. It’s Magic Gro range of products include Magic Gro Drip Sol, Magic Gro Nemacare, Magic Gro PSB and other products which boost crop development, improve plant immunity and vigour sustainabl

4 Magical Products That Can Boost Crop Productivity In 2021

Organica Biotech is one of the leading biotech companies with a wide range of sustainable agricultural solutions aimed at increasing food productivity and protecting planet earth.

What Are The Best Ways To Control Algae in Your Fish Tanks

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies providing an effective solution to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. Bioclean Aquarium is a natural fish tank cleaner containing a consortium of specially selected beneficial probiotic that degrade uneaten fish food & fish excreta.

Sustainable Farming: How Futuristic Farms Will Supply The World’s Food Demand 

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of solutions for a sustainable future. MagicGro range of products includes plant growth promoter, microbial biostimulants and soil conditioners. Advanced microbiome replenishment technology powers these products. They are natural, safe and eco-friendly solutions, and boost soil quality. 

Redefining Cleaning Standards: Switch From Chemical to Organic Cleaning Products Today 

Embrace Organica Biotech’s OB Care range of cleaning products to redefine your cleaning standards. They are best cleaning solutions to maintain a safe and healthy environment at offices, hotels and other commercial spaces. 

Best Gardening Tips and How It Can Help Save the Planet Earth

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, you can use natural soil revitalizer like MagicGro Plant Care from Organica Biotech. It is made with soil probiotic microbes that help in the growth of plants, boost nutrient uptake, and improves flower pigmentation. Plus, it protects plants against diseases.

What Are The Best Practices Of Sustainable Agriculture?

Organica Biotech is a leader in the space of agricultural products that support and boost sustainable agriculture. The MagicGro range of products are natural plant growth promoters which enhance immunity, crop vigour, productivity, improve in yield, quality and reduce the dependence on the use of chemicals.

Biofloc Fish Farming In India

Different Indian states have started to use the biofloc system to enhance fish/shrimp farming output, boost quality and help fish farmers gain more in the process. Odisha’s Fisheries and Animal Resources recently announced the use of biofloc fish farming technology for boosting aquaculture in Odisha.

Benefits Of Biofloc System To Meet Future Challenges

Bioflok is one of the best products for achieving sustainable aquaculture goals today and in the future.

How Microbial Replenishment Is An Effective Strategy For Fecal Sludge Management

There is an urgent need to address the fecal sludge management issue and achieve sanitation goals.

Oil Spill In Mauritius And The Bioremediation Solution

There is an urgent need for large scale implementation and use of biological solutions or oil bioremediation to treat oil spills.

Sustainable Agriculture In Bhutan: How Hydroponics And Organic Farming Is The Future

Bhutan is arguably among the few countries in the world where agriculture is an integral and active part of the Bhutanese culture even today. A large population in Bhutan make their living through farming and society, in general, are fond of nature. Blessed with varied climatic zones, a diverse range of cultivated food can be produced. Especially amidst the challenges like climate change, soil quality degradation, depleting water resources, and shrinking balanced habitats, it is remarkable to note that more than 60% of the land area is covered with forest in Bhutan. It is the only carbon-negative country with such statistics. The other areas include pasture, arable, and unproductive land.

Why Should You Green Up Your Cleaning Routine With Organic & Sustainable Cleaning Products

The wide range of organic cleaning solutions like Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, Organic toilet cleaner -Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, and Fly Repellent, Kitchen Cleaning products – Degreaser, Kitchen Drain Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid, help clean commercial spaces efficiently.

What Can We Learn From COVID-19 Pandemic To Prevent Plant Disease Epidemics 

The most efficient solution can be using products and solutions that can empower plants to naturally fight against pathogens or in other words, develop a strong immunity to combat disease. The use of biological seed treatment and biostimulants in agriculture can be helpful in this effort.

Environmentally Friendly Practices To Boost Cocoa Production In Ghana

Sustainable solutions are the need of the hour for protecting the environment, boosting soil fertility, and increasing the cocoa production and quality output.

Impact Of Algal Blooms On Aquaculture And Effective Solution

One of the best ways to limit algal bloom is to biologically remediate water bodies bring down nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the water. Bioclean Pond Clarifier from Organica Biotech is one such tailormade natural and a microbial solution created for effective bioremediation of ponds.

How Farmers Can Combat Erratic Weather Conditions Using Magic Gro Plus

The salient features of Magic Gro include boosting immunity against biotic and abiotic stress, improving crop and keeping up the overall crop productivity. It is, therefore, high time to use microbial biostimulants as it is one of the best solutions for sustainable farming and plant growth promotion.

Impact of Covid-19 On Fish Farming & Advantages of Biofloc Technology

Aquaculture is carried out with staggering amounts of water. The floc or biofloc are probiotic organisms held together by electrostatic attraction and bound by bacterial mucous. And it acts as a rich protein-lipid natural source of food & probiotics for fish.

Hydroponics: The Future Of Farming And Gardening

Covid-19 pandemic has restricted food supply and created a need for nations to move towards self-sufficiency in terms of food. hydroponic farming can be to overcoming a food crisis. As the system is controlled, fresh produce is possible throughout the year and it negates the effect of bad weather conditions.

What makes Bio Degreaser for Restaurants & Food Service Best and the Safest?

Using a natural degreaser is the first step to keep the kitchen clean and shining every day. Only the best and the safest bio degreaser is the solution to steer clear your kitchen of the dirt and grim and to increase trust factor among the customers.

Coffee Plantation: How Plant Growth Promoter Can Boost Crop Yield

Those who have expertise in coffee plantation know that various factors contribute to good crop yield. Soil is where the plant growth begins and therefore the management of soil is of high importance. Furthermore, the soil is involved in the supply of necessary nutrients, immunity to fight diseases and prevent even the fungi attack on coffee plants.

Microbes In Agriculture And Their Role In Plant Growth Promotion

Excessive chemical usage and misinformed farming practices have a drastic effect on our natural resources as well the quality and quantity of yield that most farmers achieve today. For the past two decades, Organica Biotech with world-class experience and extensive research have developed solutions for sustainable farming, plant growth and soil conditioning. The high quality, eco-friendly and innovative products help to increase yield and productivity under optimal and sub-optimal conditions.

How Organica’s Magic Gro Plus Can Boost Vanilla Plantation

Aromatic, full of flavour and a favourite for many, Vanilla is one of the most loved and popular flavours in the world. It is well known for flavouring ice creams and soft drinks.
Along with food types like coffee, chocolate chip cookies, custard and yoghurt, it is found in cosmetics, scents, soaps, and a wide range of perfumes as well. Vanilla is ubiquitous and an indispensable part of our lives.

Essential Oils Used In Cleaning Products & Its Anti-Viral And Anti-Bacterial Properties

While we spend more time indoors due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, regular cleaning and disinfecting is essential to keep oneself healthy. Cleaning products made of essential oils are one of the most natural, safe and potent ways for cleaning and to remove dirt, debris, bacteria and viruses as well

What Is Biological Wastewater Treatment And How Effective It Is?

Approximately 38,300 million litres of sewage is generated daily in the major cities of India as per a recent report from the UN water activity information system. The number is staggering, isn’t it? If you are thinking from where does such a huge amount of wastewater generate? There are majorly two sources – Industrial waste and Domestic sewage. As both the population of India and Industrial Landscapes is increasing at a phenomenal speed, wastewater volume has also seen an alarming rise.

Biological Seed Treatment: Enhancing The Growing Power Of Plants

There is a continuously increasing demand for food from the planet’s growing population. This has put a pressure on farmers worldwide to increase their yields. This is particularly difficult since around 20-30% of the yields are lost to the onslaught of pathogens, insects and weeds. The toll increases when we take climate change into consideration as well.

What Are the Uses of Probiotics in Aquaculture

Aquaculture today is one of the chief contributors to global food production. Statistics also suggest aquaculture to be the highest-growing sector than other food production systems. To be at par with the demand, aquaculture production practices have intensified over the years. The utilization of antibiotics to boost up production has proved to be a major [...]

Sources of Washroom Odor in Corporate Offices & How to eliminate it

Washrooms at corporate offices are cleaned at regular intervals by the housekeeping staff. Still, at times, the emanating odor from these washrooms tend to be a concern for employees visiting them throughout the day.

How Do I Clean My Fish Tank Naturally?

A fish tank at your home is surely an attraction for guests visiting your place. You also develop an emotional connection with these finned pets over time. It is essential to maintain your fish tank regularly and in the right way so that the fishes stay healthy.

Improved Sanitation Leads To Healthier Environment!

Across the world there has been great technological and lifestyle advancement, however in spite of this great progress there is approximately 40 % of the world population that is still deprived of proper sanitation facilities.

How Technology Can Make Sustainability Attainable For Farmers

Agriculture is the world’s oldest profession. And around the world, farmers are reverting to age-old farming techniques to meet the growing needs of the planet. This is where AI has a huge role to play in making farming more sustainable.

The Future Of Sustainable Fish Farming

Like most other food production systems, fish farming too needs to become increasingly more sustainable. Biofloc farming – the new blue revolution – might just be the driver aquaculture needs to enter that sustainable future.

Who Will Be David To The Goliath Of Climate Change?

Climate change is accelerating and the effects are already causing havoc around the world. We need heroes who can arrest the harm we are causing to our planet and make the future more sustainable.

Vision 2020 – The Time to Rectify is NOW

We are at a point in time where every action from here on can be the make or break point for our planet. Only with collective will and decisive action can we ensure a continued future for Earth.

Say Goodbye (And Good Riddance) To Stinky Washrooms Forever

Our clients were dealing with extremely unpleasant foul odours at their office emanating from their washrooms. When chemical solutions and air fresheners didn’t provide a lasting solution, they approached us for a permanent solution to making their washrooms odour-free.

Of High Tea And Faulty Toilets

Our clients, one of India’s oldest tea estates with close to 1000 workers, were dealing with several issues at the bio-toilets on their estate. Clogged pipelines, backflows, overflows and extremely bad odours had rendered these toilets defunct when they approached us for a solution.

Bringing Nature’s Magic To Help Plants Grow And Prosper

One of the challenges facing the planet today is food security. And with our population slated to touch 10 billion not too far into the future, this will become an even bigger challenge. We need alternative farming innovations to become mainstream.

The Science Behind Odour-Free Washrooms

Keeping washrooms, especially public washrooms, clean is not just about hygiene but equally about odour elimination. And the best solutions for this can be found in nature, not in a chemistry lab.

Wastewater Treatment That Gets Rid of All Your Headaches

When it comes to pharma API manufacturing, wastewater treatment is as important as any other step in the whole manufacturing process. Our clients, one of India’s leading pharma API manufacturers, were dealing with several effluent-related issues at their plant when they asked us for a solution.

The Curious Case Of The Toilet That Smells All The Time

Visiting a public washroom is often something we put off unless desperate. And it is not just because of the lack of hygiene. The odours from public washrooms are often just as off-putting.

Efficient And Effective Municipal Wastewater Treatment With Science And Nature

Our clients, a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Szarvas, Hungary, were dealing with several issues. They asked us for help with effluent quality improvement and managing discharge limits. Read about how we helped them achieve this and reduce excess sludge quantity and made the plant more energy-efficient.

Efficient And Effective Municipal Wastewater Treatment With Science And Nature

Szarvas is a relatively modern town in Hungary, about 170 kilometers from Budapest. Populated by less than 20,000 people, Szarvas’ modern history dates back to the early 18th century when Slovak settlers moved into the region. With the help of Lutheran priest Samuel Tessedik, the town was rebuilt, with schools being built and barren lands [...]

Green Wastewater Treatment That Treats All Colours Equally

One of the most challenging wastewater scenarios is often in dyes and paint-making units where the addition of colours adds a layer of complexity to the process. Such was the case with our client too at their dye manufacturing plant in Western India till we helped them resolve a number of issues, including poor MLSS development.

Building A More Sustainable Avocado Farm With Magic Gro Plus

Avocados are supertasty and superhealthy. But growing avocados is superhard. They need a lot of water and they’re prone to a lot of diseases and pest infestations. If you want healthy avocados, you need a solution that will help avocados grow naturally.

Railway Stations And The Insufferable Agony Of Waiting

The Konkan Railway is an engineering marvel that takes 1000s of passengers through some of the most scenic routes in India. The stations along the way have often found it difficult to keep sanitation facilities maintained to cater to this large passenger traffic. But we helped one of them use all-natural technology to go superclean in just three months.

Is India Already In The Middle Of An Environmental Crisis?

The water crises that we saw across Maharashtra and Chennai earlier this year are an ominous portent for India. With reports stating more than 100 million people losing access to safe water soon, India needs to take drastic steps to preserve her freshwater sources.

Eliminating Washroom Odours The Natural Way

Unclean and foul-smelling washrooms affect health and morale at the workplace. Our clients too were dealing with similar issues at their office in Mumbai. Chemical solutions weren’t helping when they turned to us for a permanent solution.

The Imperative To Save Our Soil

We are at the point where saving the earth literally means saving the earth. We need to look at how we’ve mistreated our soil and nurture it back to the stage where it can continue to sustain life on Earth for us and our future generations.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: The Road Ahead

5 years in, India’s Swachh Bharat Mission has succeeded in its ambitious goal of making India ODF. However, much still needs to be done before we can declare the project an unqualified success on all fronts.

Wastewater Treatment That Works Every Time

Municipal waste treatment plants around the world are under severe strain with increasing migration of people toward urban areas. And while there have been engineering advancements in design and processes of sewage treatment plants, development of bacterial treatment systems for effective sewage secondary treatment has not been accorded equal importance. But like our client in Gödöllő discovered, we have a natural solution for every wastewater treatment woe.

Leisurely Lunches, Candle-Lit Evenings And The Sweet Smell Of Nature

Restaurants are places where people generally meet to eat, drink and have a good time. But when a restaurant’s septic tank begins to misbehave, it can affect staff and customers alike. Our client were dealing with one such issue which we resolved in no time at all.

The OB Care Mantra For Sustainability In The Workplace

Moving to a sustainable future requires workspaces also to be become sustainable environments. Here is our handy guide to help you transition your office into a green office.

Sustainability Starts At Home

Sustainable living is not only about what food you eat and how you grow the food you eat and how you manage your waste. Sustainable living is also taking care about what you let into your homes, especially in your cleaning products.

Don’t Be In A Rush, Remember To flush. Or Maybe Not.

Water conservation is the crying need of the hour all over the world today. We’re entering into a future where cities globally are waking up to the prospect of dry taps. One way to prevent water wastage is to cut down on flushing of restroom urinals with our revolutionary technology.

Mr. Maley And The (Soya) Beanstalk

Rajesh Maley, a farmer from Vidarbha, was struggling with multiple issues, caused by extreme rainfall, affecting yield and productivity of his soyabean crop. Thankfully, he met us and Magic Gro Super which helped turn things around drastically at his farm.

Sanitation In The Time Of Cholera

Monsoons in India are not just harbingers of good news. They also bring a whole host of diseases with them including malaria, dengue and cholera. The secret to protect yourself from these diseases might lie in how you treat your septic tank.

VOCs: Not Your Friendly Neigbourhood Chemical Compound

The cleaning products you use at home are also making you fall ill and making the indoor air quality in your home poor and damaging our environment and contaminating our water supplies. Switch to a greener alternative.

Composting 101

Not only is composting great for your plants, it is also awesome for our planet. Instead of discarding organic waste, you can actually use it to grow life. And if you’ve always wanted to compost and didn’t know where to start, we have everything you need to know.

Your Home Is Not A Hospital Or Cleanroom. Here’s What You Should Know

Hospitals and cleanrooms need 100% sterile, germ-free environments for effective functioning and this is why they need regular disinfecting. But the same is not true for our homes.

The Optics Of India’s Sanitation Story

The story of India’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been focused more on the optics than the fundamentals of enabling access to sanitation so far. This needs to change for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to truly become the pathbreaking success it can be.

Cleaning Agents And How They Impact Indoor Air Quality

Our endocrine systems ensure that our bodies self-regulate by releasing hormones essential for metabolism, growth and development and tissue function, among other things. But the chemical-based cleaners we use at home are not just harming our environment at home, they are also endangering our endocrine systems, affecting our health on many levels.

Wastewater Treatment That Leaves Your ETP Smelling of Roses

Our clients are one of India’s top manufacturers of organic and aromatic chemicals, essential oils, and perfumery chemicals. They were effected by several issues in the ETP at their plant in Gujarat, including coloured effluent and odour, when they approached us for help.

Treating Oil Spills Naturally

We have all heard about and read about oil spills in the ocean, killing marine life and harming ecosystems around the world. Equally deadly are oil spills on land. And chemical solutions to treat them end up harming the environment too. The answer lies in nature.

The Chemical Brothers And The Cycle of Life

Most food we consume nowadays is contaminated in some way or another. Not just processed foods, but even fresh produce. And one of the major contributors to this chemical contamination are the cleaning agents we use at home.

A Garbage Tsunami Is Engulfing Our Cities

One of the biggest issues affecting health, hygiene, sanitation, air and water quality and how our cities step into the future is urban waste management. Mountains of garbage dotting landfills all over urban India are not just an eyesore but an urgent crisis we need to resolve immediately.

Magic Away Foul Odours With OB Care Washroom Products

Keeping washrooms odour-free is one of the biggest challenges at offices everywhere. Using air fresheners is not the solution because they don’t address the root cause. The solution is our OB Care range of products.

CleanMaxx: Complete 360 Degree Wastewater Treatment

Our clients, one of India’s most loved apparels brand, were experiencing issues with the ETP at their fabric manufacturing plant in Madhya Pradesh. High COD levels, high levels of oil and grease and colour from fabric dyes were the issues their wastewater engineers asked us for help with.

Using Biotech To Ensure Golf Courses Are Green, Blue And Fun

Keeping golf courses lush green with sparkling blue water is one of the biggest challenges for golf course managers around the world. Especially when you factor in the cost to the environment. We have a solution, backed by nature and research, that can help.

Keratin And Kindness

Hair is very intricately linked with self-confidence in humans. For cancer patients and survivors, hair loss due to disease and treatments can take a huge toll on their confidence levels. But hair donations can help these survivors regain their confidence.

Why We Can’t Ignore Fish Disease In Discussions About Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing food production systems in the world today, responsible for over 50% of the total seafood globally. Which makes it imperative that fish disease is discussed and acted upon urgently to ensure aquaculture remains sustainable.

The “Antibacterial” Myth

Everywhere you go, you will see the virtues of antibacterial cleaning being touted by all and sundry. But the entire antibacterial approach to cleaning is actually causing us more harm than we know and we need to ask ourselves if antibacterial chemicals deserve a place in our homes, offices and environment.

The Sacred Cow Of Effluent Treatment

Ineffective reduction of COD and high TDS were the major issues affecting the effluent treatment plant (ETP) for our client, a leading manufacturer of agricultural chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and intermediates, when they approached us for a solution.

What’s In Your Household Cleaner?

Many household cleaning products – not limited to floor and bathroom cleaners alone – are loaded with combinations of harmful chemicals with proven ill-effects on human and animal health and also the environment. Here are the most harmful ones you need to watch out for.

The Story Behind The Innovation: ThinkSafe Floor Cleaner

Chemical-laden floor cleaners don’t clean your homes. They disinfect them. Which is not a good thing. Because you are also killing off the bacteria that are good for you. And these chemicals are actively harming you. Which is why we innovated floor cleaning with ThinkSafe.

The Chef’s Recipe For Excellent Candy

Our clients – one of India’s most renowned confectionery and edible oil manufacturers – were dealing with several issues at their plant in Maharashtra. Traditional wastewater treatment solutions were resulting in high levels of COD. Excessive foaming in the aeration tank and high concentration of oil and grease were other concerns when they approached us for a solution.

Story Behind The Innovation: ThinkSafe Toilet Cleaner

We live in a time where people are increasingly conscious of the impact of their actions on the environment and on personal health. And yet, we clean our toilets with chemicals that harm us and the environment equally. That is why we innovated safe toilet cleaning with ThinkSafe.

The Economics Of Sanitation

Sanitation is crucially interlinked with health and nutrition in more ways than one may immediately realise. In India alone, the lethal effects of the link between inadequate sanitation and ill-health is visible in some very dismal numbers, especially in the health of India’s children.

Brazil’s Sanitation Wins, And What India Can Learn From Them

Brazil and India have similar trajectories in industrialisation, population, rapid urbanisation and the need to implement quick solutions for civic issues. But Brazil has cracked the urban sanitation demon, providing workable solutions for its society and lessons for India.

Are You Disinfecting Your Way To Bad Health?

Superbugs and drug-resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to human health across the world right now. There is growing evidence that shows a link between antimicrobial resistance and the use of biocidal chemical cleaners. We have actually been cleaning our way to ill-health all this while.

The Swiss Army Knife of Wastewater Treatment

Our client – an industrial wastewater treatment plant in Abony, Hungary – was dealing with several problems at their plant including sludge build up, high levels of COD, TP, NH4-N, TN and high power consumption. They asked us for a solution.

Introducing The ThinkSafe Range Of Organic Cleaning Solutions

Most cleaning products are laden with toxic chemicals, harmful for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment. With ThinkSafe, we are making your homes clean the healthy way while also examining what we discard from our homes, and how it impacts the cleanliness of our environment.

The Connection Between Obesity And Your Household Cleaner

The very products we use to clean our homes are causing us harm. Household cleaners expose us to 62 chemicals everyday, affecting health and also our environment. Cleaning should be about balance, not hyper-sanitation that kills off all bacteria, including the ones that are good for us.

Let’s Talk About SAFE Cleaning, Shall We?

A moment of thought is all you need to realize we live in a world of hyper-sanitation at the cost of hampering our ecological balance. Inspect and examine what goes into your cleaning products for effective cleaning that does not negatively impact health or environment.

GMO: Boon Or Bane

Awareness is increasing among people about the ill-effects of GMOs. One must take into consideration health and environmental impact, whether we are a consumer or producer.

Why India Can’t Breathe

Air pollution in India has been at drastic levels for a while now. The Government has been taking baby steps to counter this. But this is not enough. We need urgent and immediate measures to reverse this and as with everything else, change happens at an individual level.

How Household Cleaning Products are Harming Us in More Ways Than One

The very same ingredients and chemicals that enable household cleaning products to keep our homes spotless, gleaming, germ-free and fragrant are also loaded with chemicals that can cause harm to humans and the environment.

How Crucial Is It To Conserve Water In Our Daily Lives And Activities?

It’s hard to imagine a world without water – how will we manage the crisis and what it will mean for us as a race. And yet, not enough is being done, and not soon enough, to address this urgently.

India’s Water Quality Crisis And 5 Ways To Improve Our Ranking

Already facing the worst water crisis in history, India ranks 120 among 122 countries in the water quality index, with the situation slated to get far worse. Projections state that the demand for water will be twice the available supply by 2030.

Paper, Pulp and Posterity

Our client has a paper manufacturing set-up in Ambivli, Maharashtra. Plagued by issues at their effluent treatment plant stemming from inefficient treatment, they turned to us for a permanent solution.

Plastic Recycling: The Whys and the Hows

About the benefits and advantages of plastic recycling and the business opportunities it presents while helping us save the earth and our waters from the dangers of plastic pollution.

Swimming In The Murk

Our client, a fish farmer in Vietnam, had an 8-hectare farm where he was breeding red tilapia fish. Plagued by poor water quality and disease outbreaks, he turned to us for a probiotic solution.

How The Plastic Ban In Mumbai Will Protect You From Diarrhoea?

Mumbai generates 500 metric tonnes of plastic waste every single day. it’s probably hard to imagine that the plastic waste you generate could potentially be a large contributor to making diarrhoea a killer disease in India. But the staggering numbers tell a different story.

No Retreat, No Surrender

Often situated in inhospitable terrain, sanitation is one of the huge challenges for the Indian Army across cantonments. Overflowing septic tanks are a common issue. Till we provided a long-lasting solution.

Healing Fruit With Nature’s Magic

Prasad Subhash Ahir, a fruit farmer, from Nashik had a problem with fungal infections in his farm. Productivity was affected. And costs in controlling the infection were soaring. And then he turned to us for help with turning things around at his farm.

The 5 Star Sanitation Champion

Our client, one of India’s finest hotel groups, runs a luxury, 5-star hotel in Ahmedabad. Plagued by multiple issues with their drainage lines and septic tanks – clogged pipelines, extremely bad odour, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches around the septic tank and costly and repeated maintenance needs – they turned to us for help.

Making ETP More Efficient at the Largest Dairy Foods Manufacturing Company in India

Our clients – India’s oldest and largest dairy foods manufacturers – have a plant in Gujarat, manufacturing a wide range of products, including milk and milk derived food products like cheese, butter, ghee, ice creams and more. Their effluent treatment plant (ETP), using both aerobic and anaerobic digestors, was not able to efficiently degrade wastewater constituents. Frustrated, they asked us for help in making their ETP more efficient.

India’s Gigantic Problem Of Solid Waste

One of the biggest challenges facing India right now is solid waste management. Affecting cleanliness, health, sustainable and ecosystems everywhere, solid waste management needs immediate and urgent government intervention but also a revised perspective from we the people.

India’s Diarrhoea Problem That No One Wants You To Know About

Diarrhoea, that slightly embarrassing infection we avoid talking about when we suffer from it! We often consider diarrhoea as something not very serious, yet in India it has become the second biggest killer of children under age five. Around the world annually more than 500000 children under five lose their lives due to severe dehydration caused by diarrhoea.

Celebrating Kutch with Bioclean BD

The Rann Utsav, a vibrant annual festival celebrating the cultural heritage of Kutch, is a major tourist attraction. Dhordo, a small village in Bhuj, serves as the gateway for Rann Utsav. As with any event witnessing large numbers of people attending, toilet maintenance became a challenge and they turned to us for a solution.

The Microbial Method Of Treating Wastewater

Our client’s factory in South India manufactures Pharma APIs. Most of the manufactured ingredients are antibiotics and the presence of these residues in the wastewater was adding toxic load to the generic microbial population in the biological unit. They turned to us for a solution to reduce COD levels and stabilize plant performance.

Probiotics And Aquaculture

Mr. Rao has a 20-acre aquafarm in Vellore, Andhra Pradesh where he carries out freshwater shrimp farming. He had challenges maintaining water quality, resulting in decreased yield and a direct impact on his profits. He was referred to us for a solution. Shrimp farming in India is now a major source of livelihood for people [...]

Raising Healthy Chickens, The Probiotic Way

Sarit B Tarafdar, a chicken farmer in Vadodara, needed an effective solution to strengthen immunity and prevent diseases and infections in his Serama Chicken farm. He was especially mindful of the long-term effects of continued antibiotic treatments. He turned to us for a probiotic solution. Poultry farming is one of the major businesses that contribute [...]

Microbes: Every Farmer’s Not So Secret Superstar

Our soil is one of the most prominent reasons that life is possible on this planet. By definition, soil is particulate surface material made up of various minerals as well as organic matter. Soil supports and nourishes plant and animal life by providing it with nutrients.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called sustainable development. Introduced as a concept in a 1987 report which showed the links between poverty, inequality and environmental degradation and how we could move to a fairer world without compromising livelihoods or the environment.

Bioremediation – The Easy Way Out Of Chaos

The horizon for treatment of wastewater has expanded with the Namami Gange Project. Bioremediation with the help of microbes is the simple and most effective way out.

Are Any Microbes Hardy Enough To Survive In Outer Space?

Microbes are versatile. They possess the series of enzymatic machinery to bring out the biochemical changes inside as well outside the cell, thereby impacting the environment in which they are present.

Microbial Solutions in Bioremediation of Radioactive Waste

We read about radioactivity and its possible hazards in a previous post. We also learnt about a bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans and its ability to survive high intensity radiation, which is otherwise lethal to all life forms. This article features the applications of the strain in bioremediation of radioactive waste as well as sites.

Mumbai Rains: More Man Made Than Natural?

We are living in an age where expansion and unabated construction is the name of the game. But we fail to realize that this has distorted the bigger picture of a sustainable and safe existence. With ever-rising temperatures due to global warming and unplanned construction in the dream city Mumbai- we have ended up with [...]

Forced To Open Defecation: Woes From Anaheim, California

The trouble of safe sanitation is not confined to the developing world only. The so called developed nation USA has a town Anahiem in California where citizens are being regressed to go back to open defecation. The sole mistake of of these vulnerable citizens- there homelessness. Interestingly, the cause in this plight of the common poor is not lack of technology or resources but of a lack of community goodwill in the leadership and implementation bodies.

Solid State Fermentation: A Handy Technology For Microbial Cultivation

Solid state fermentation (SSF) is a technology which is used for cultivation and production of micro-organisms onto a solid surface in presence of very less or no free water. The solid substrate used in SSF resembles the natural habitat of some of the microbes. The substrate which are used in this technology are mostly of two types, one is nutritional substrate and other is inert material. In case of natural substrates, the substrate itself provides the required nutrients for growth and development of the microbes. Commonly used substrate are cereal husk, oil cakes, residual biomass generated in agriculture sector, etc. Inert materials are the one which provides supports for the microbial adherence on its surface. The inert materials have to be provided with additional source of nutrients.some of the commonly used inert materials are silica, hydrated magnesium silicate salts like Talc, Polyurathrane foam, etc.

Radioactive Pollution: A Never Ending Hazard

Today in the 21st century, mankind has achieved great feats in every walk of life. New technologies are being developed and upgraded for efficient working of human civilization. Newer energy sources are looked for and their optimal capabilities are harnessed by us. One such avenue is RADIOACTIVE ENERGY which has numerous applications in every sector.

Story Of Cape Town: Lessons For India

The city of Cape Town has recently introduced level five water restrictions limiting the use of water by individuals at a bare minimum sustainance level of 80 litres per day. The city has set 500 million litres of water as the limit for overall water consumption. Industries have been asked to minimise there municipal water usage to reduce the pressure on available resources.

Alleviation Of Abiotic Stress By Microbial Mitigation

India comprises around 17.86% of world population with an average land resource of 2.4%. The major occupation of two third of this population is agriculture. Though the Indian agricultural sector has always been glorified in the past for undergoing a major transformation during the Green Revolution and inclusion of modern farming practices, the current scenario is however not so pleasing for certain sections. The plight of the farmers in the Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is a matter of great concern for the entire nation. It is disturbing to know that in an agricultural country like India, there are regions where the farmers are in such a pitiful condition.

BioToilet – For Open Defecation Free India

On the eve of India’s 70th independence day, we all are grateful to our ancestors for the freedom we enjoy today. During the struggle for freedom, it was patriotism that burnt in the hearts of every Indian. Today as we are raising slogans of patriotic sentiments and agitating against various issues, I found we lost those flames that made 15th August 1947 happen. Its not a date or an event it is a message, that the country we live in is our “Motherland” and she belongs to us and us alone. Does this feeling resonates among all of us today? Are we still so loving towards our Motherland? I don’t think the answer to all is a “Yes”. India is leading its march to make its mark all across the globe. But that is not the big picture, India with a a rural population of 68.84 % and sections of people still don’t have the access to basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter and basic hygiene.

A Breakthrough Move – Under Namami Ganga Project, Kanpur

A breakthrough move has occurred in the well arrived and beneficial Biotoilet revolution in India. The centre has recently decided to set up Bio toilets at Ganga ghats in Kanpur. Six ghats would be put up under the centre’s Namami Ganga project. The biggest beneficiaries would be the farmers living at the banks in temporary settlements. This is one of the key benefits of bio toilets-they are highly economical and become a boon to the poor even in the inaccessible areas. They have a per day minimum use requirement of 200. This is easily possible keeping in view the commendable population of the city and the masses that visit these ghats. The aim of the project in the long run is the cleaning up of the Ganga river and its tributaries in a comprehensive way.

Degradation Of Plastics: Dream Or Reality?

The word plastic comes from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means ‘able to be molded into different shapes’. Plastics are made up of linking of monomers together by chemical bonds. Polythene comprises of 64% of total plastic, which is a linear hydrocarbon polymers consisting of long chains of the ethylene monomers. General formula of polyethylene is CnH2n, where ‘n’ is the number of carbon atoms. The plastics we use today are made from inorganic and organic raw materials, such as carbon, silicon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and chloride. The basic materials used for making plastics are extracted from oil, coal and natural gas. Plastics include polythene, propylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, nylon etc. Polyethylene either LDPE (low density polyethylene) or HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a thermoplastic polymer made by monomers of ethylene, used mostly as thin films and packaging sheets.

Oil Spill And Bioremediation

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which began on April 20, 2010, is the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. It is purported to be 8-31% larger than the previous largest spill, Ixtoc 1 oil spill. The US government estimated the overall discharge at 4.9 million barrels or 210 million US gallons.

Sewage Management ‘Impending Nuisance’

Rapid scale urbanization in a population of 1.34 billion Indians, growing exponentially at a growth rate of 1.2% has surmounted the issue of untreated sewage rapidly degrading the life cycle of flora and fauna. Untreated sewage surmounts to approximately 75% of the surface water contamination in the country. When sewage enters a lake or stream, microorganisms begin to decompose the organic materials. This impacts both the ecology and economy as well as imposes severe health risks. Sewage-contaminated water causes eutrophication, which is the increase in concentration of chemical elements required for life, thus decreasing the amount of dissolved oxygen necessary for aquatic life. Sewage pollution has been attributed to causing gastrointestinal disorders in humans like Giardiasis, Amoebic Dysentery and Cholera. Moreover debris associated with sewage hampers the aesthetic value of the environment.

Valorization: A Process For Sustaining Life

The need to offer quality feed and fuel has become a burning issue in the world as we know it. Climate change, pollution and energy crisis are few of the issues which are the major issues which the human race will have to deal in the upcoming years. Mankind has gradually infringed upon Nature’s reservoirs due to the ever increasing human population. Pollution of the world’s natural resources due to industrialization has already brought us on the verge of catastrophic consequences. Therefore, sustainable development is the key issue that global policy makers need to address . Finding innovative strategies to accommodate sustainable development along with safe disposal of generated waste is the need of the hour.

Environmentalists And Murder

No, this is not the suspense-filled title of a crime novel. It’s a blog post, talking about an actual event that has happened this year, regarding environmentalists and the work that they do. This is about the Goldman Environmental Prize, and the events surrounding it.

Manual Scavenging

Manual scavenging, in India, is a practice as unhygienic as it is disgusting and indignifying. It has also, for long, been a tool of caste oppression- certain castes like the Valmikis have been practising it historically.

The Universe Beneath Our Feet

“When one tug at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” -John Muir We often wonder about the world beyond our skies, heavenly bodies, and extraterrestrial life; but we seldom stop and think of the bountiful universe beneath our feet. We have this universe to thank, for [...]

Microbes: Invisible Superheroes

The word ‘bacteria’ generally is always coupled with a negative connotation in day to day life. This is because bacteria are mostly associated with diseases that afflict us. However, there exist a plethora of bacteria which are highly beneficial and crucial to the existence of mankind. . We have failed to realize their significance, their positive impact on our life and their contribution towards sustaining life on earth since the beginning of time.

Biogas – A Renewable Energy Resource

People across the world are debating the existence and effects of climate change, even when its impact is already evident. The use of renewable energy is the most logical solution to tackle climate change. Anaerobic digestion and biogas generation both provide us the platform to tackle multiple environmental issues such as solid waste management, carbon emission, and energy crisis, and also contribute in lowering the adverse impact of climate change.

Nurture Women’s Dignity With Care!

Access to clean toilets, with running water, electricity and sewerage connection, is a major issue for women and girls in India. Despite the fact that urination and defecation are basic bodily functions, 70% of households in rural and urban slums lack access to functioning toilets. 60% of the country still defecates in the open, with consequences ranging from polluted water bringing fatal infections to the women and children using it, to women carrying extreme risk of being sexually assaulted.

Women’s Hygiene In India: The Scenario Today

In a country where women have reach the frontiers of space, basic necessities such as access to clean drinking water, toilets, basic education, fundamental knowledge and products for feminine hygiene are still unavailable to women in rural areas.

Happy Gut, Healthy Animal – Probiotics For A Better Microbiome

Animal husbandry has evolved since the dawn of human civilization. Rising demand for products and byproducts from animal husbandry is owed to the exponential increase in the global population. In order to meet these demands, animal husbandry professional have resorted to various practices to increase the yield. Just like us, animal health is governed not only by the feed that is provided to them, but also internally, by the millions of tiny microscopic beings residing within their gut.

Orchestrating The Movement Towards A Sustainable Future!

A keen researcher, a voracious reader, a curious reveler and an earnest learner- One face and many facets! Dr. Ganesh Kamath, the dynamic founder of Organica Biotech, has worked extensively in the realm of environmental biotechnology. Leaving behind his lucrative career in Pharmaceutical Sciences in USA, Dr. Kamath’s vision to drive a change pushed him to lay the foundation of this environmental biotech firm. Under his enigmatic leadership, this firm has attained tremendous success and impacted the lives of numerous farmers, industrialists and consumers. His never ending perseverance and efforts have pushed Organica Biotech to the pedestal of being listed as top 20 Environmental Biotech companies in the world. Today Organica Biotech is creating immense value by working extensively in the fields of sanitation, solid waste management, waste water treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and animal health care, thereby impacting individuals, farmers, industries and society as a whole.

Revolutionize Your Toilet Cleaning Experience With Bio-switch

Cleaning toilets is an arduous task! Stubborn stains and foul odour are some common issues perturbing several individuals. However, a great cleaning can easily help one evade this frustration with ease. Numerous commercially available toilet cleaners and disinfectants contribute to significant indoor pollution. Acid is a major component of these disinfectants which can potentially irritate eyes, nose, lungs and throat. It is imperative that these chemicals are kept out of reach of children. Most chemical fragrances can result in several respiratory ailments.

Is Your City Marred With Colossal Volumes Of Solid Waste?

Does your compost pile stink?Growing population and rapid urbanization has led to the accelerated generation of solid waste in developing countries. Treating this huge load of solid waste generated is not always feasible to the municipalities due to numerous economic and organizational constraints. This leads to accumulation of solid waste in the dumping yards which may end up being burned. Landfills may result in contamination of ground water resources while burning may cause air pollution. Numerous other problems like infestation by insects and rodents may also be associated with these methods of garbage disposal.

Advanced Microbial Technology Provide A New Age Solution For Revolutionizing Plant Growth

Feeling helpless about your distressed home garden plants? There is always a cause of problems experienced in growing plants in home gardens. This more or less guarantees, that there is also a definite cure or control to the problems.

Do You Still Believe That Antibiotics Provide An Effective Solution For Poultry Animals Management? Think Again!

Maintaining the health and productivity of farm animals is of high priority to the farm owners. Hence, it is not surprising that farmers use antibiotics to protect their animals. Do you think this is the right method of raising healthy farm animals? Think again… Imprudent use of antibiotics for farm animals only increases the chances [...]

Can Microbes Enhance The Health Of Animals In Your Poultry Farm?

Gut microbes are present in the intestinal tract of all animals however they are extremely crucial for ruminants like cattle. These ruminants are able to digest and utilize cellulose in their diet only because of the specific enzymes produced by these gut microbes.

Are You Suffering From Various Diseases Of Late? Blame It On Your Poultry

Rats can act as vectors of diseases due to their ability to absorb disease agents from their environment and spread these pathogens, endangering the health of poultry and even humans. A study on the feces of rats caught in a poultry farm in British Columbia, found that rats carried potentially harmful multidrug resistant strains of avian Escherichia coli. These bacteria have the ability to cause gastrointestinal disease in poultry. The same strain of the bacterium has also been associated with human infections as well. The pathogenic bacteria was also isolated from the fur and appendages of one quarter of the trapped rodents.

Gut Probiotics: Revolutionising Animal Management Worldwide!

Are you feeding your poultry birds well and caring for them yet are troubled by frequent health concerns of these birds? You might be missing out on the beneficial effects of poultry probiotics. Probiotics are friendly microbes that colonize and grow in the digestive tract of animals and birds. These microbes play an essential role in the assimilation of nutrients in the gut of the animal.