What makes Bio Degreaser for Restaurants & Food Service Best and the Safest?

Commercial kitchens are busy places. The kitchen of a restaurant, cafe or a hotel goes through a lot daily. Food spills, liquid drops, condiments splattered all create a heavy mess. At the end of the day, you are left wondering, where to begin?

Using a natural degreaser is the first step to keep the kitchen clean and shining every day. Only the best and the safest bio degreaser is the solution to steer clear your kitchen of the dirt and grim and to increase trust factor among the customers. So, what are the things you should look out for that make a bio degreaser, best and the safest?

The Best Bio Degreaser

Unclean floors, kitchen sink and containers are a breeding ground for bacteria. It can affect food quality and ultimately threaten public health. Beware, people are more than ever cautious of having food at clean places only. One way to ensure a clean kitchen floor is to use the best cleaning supplies that leave no trace of sticky residue. It will help you meet the local health, hygiene, cleanliness standards and regulations as well.

The best bio degreaser will ease the cleaning process for you. Grease sticks to the stove, utensils, tiled surfaces, shelves, and blocks. Cooking areas and stovetops are the most difficult areas in the commercial kitchens where burnt food stains, grime deposits and grease build-up is common. With general cleaning, it still leaves a thin residue. This is where degreaser can be used to completely remove grease. A good natural degreaser will wipe out the grease leaving the space sparkling. What it means is that you won’t have to break your back and scrub it for hours.

Talk about hard grime and dirt and you can use bio degreaser specifically made to deal with fats, oils and grease. It will help you get rid of the cleaning residue and remove even the last bits. A multipurpose product which can be used to degrease the floor, platforms and containers is also of great help.

Other than leaving your kitchen squeaky clean, a natural degreaser is very much economical. The concentrated cleaning product meant to be diluted with water generally costs less. Additionally, the best bio degreaser is exponentially safer to use than their chemical counterparts.

The Safest Degreaser

Chemical degreasers contain harmful components like hydrochloric acid, caustics, surfactants and butyl solvents which are highly undesirable to be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes or other food service establishments. It seeps into water and soil and poisons food and drinking water resources. Therefore, your degreaser pick must be eco-friendly and safe to use.

Organica Biotech’s OB Care Degreaser is one of the best products in the market. The bio degreaser is highly efficient in removing stubborn deposits of Fats, Oils and Grease. The natural degreaser made of natural plant-based ingredients makes it the best option for your hotels, restaurants, and cafe. They are pH neutral and non-corrosive, thereby making it safe to be used for property, fixtures and different kinds of surfaces. They perform the cleaning function without exposing you to any sort of harmful fumes and toxic caustics.

bio degreaser

Specifically designed to remove FOG deposits, it prevents indoor pollution and is completely safe for the environment as it does not contain any harmful chemical. The application ranges from kitchen floors, platforms to oily containers. The easy to use product can be used for regular as well as heavy degreasing.

All the factors that make up the best and safest bio degreaser are found in OB Care Degreaser. Be it the most stubborn grime and grease at your hotels, restaurants or cafe, the natural and safe bio degreaser will clean it with minimal effort.

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