Best Natural Degreaser for Commercial Kitchens

Keeping the kitchen clean always is easier said than done. Let’s face it; tackling the stubborn deposits of fats, oils, and grease on kitchen cabinets, stoves, and surfaces is not the most fun job either.

And if you are running a restaurant, hotel, or catering business, maintaining cleanliness is a tedious task.

Commercial food preparation often happens at a frenetic pace. Thus, the spattered ingredients and spilled oil here and there are often overlooked.

Moreover, the grime and dirt deposits on the floor make it a bigger mess. Keeping the kitchen clean at hotels and restaurants is a legal requirement. Additionally, it promotes customer satisfaction.

So, how can you achieve cleaning goals for your commercial kitchen? Using a natural kitchen degreaser is one of the best ways to ensure a hygienic, clean, and healthy kitchen environment.

A general kitchen degreaser can be defined as a cleaning solution that is capable of removing fats, oils, and grease from multiple surfaces in your kitchen.

It is a convenient solution to remove grime and dirt deposits as they act fast and keep you stress-free. A kitchen degreaser can boost your cleaning experience at restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

There are generally two types of degreaser; multi-purpose and specialized. The multi-purpose degreaser, as the name indicates, helps remove grease from different surface types.

Specialized degreasers are limited to cleaning the tough stains on a stove or oven.

It is important to note that you must use kitchen degreasers containing non-abrasive and non-corrosive materials as they prevent your kitchen fixtures and appliances from damage.

Moreover, degreaser-containing chemicals or solvents should be avoided as they cause chemical reactions that are bad for human health and the environment. Such strong chemical-based degreasers cause indoor pollution as well.

Especially in commercial kitchens, you need solutions that do not contaminate food and clear FOG without any trouble.

Many times, the cleaning team complains of skin irritation due to the toxic nature of chemical degreasers.

If surfaces are not washed properly, the chemical residue left behind can be transferred to food, which eventually is ingested by humans.

This is why a natural degreaser is the perfect solution for kitchen cleaning as it causes no health issues.

Organica Biotech is a leading provider of innovative natural kitchen cleaning solutions. The OB Care Degreaser is 100% safe and capable of degrading fats, oils, and grease without leaving any residue.

The cleaning solution is non-corrosive and free of hazardous chemicals, so your kitchen fixtures and appliances are safe.

Thanks to its innovative organic composition, OB Care Degreaser provides a fast-cleaning action and gives all surfaces a sparkling non-sticky finish.

When opposed to chemical degreasers, these characteristics make it very cost-effective. It’s useful for extreme degreasing, surface washing, and even floor cleaning. All these features make OB Care Degreaser the best natural degreaser for the kitchen.