Using Biotech To Ensure Golf Courses Are Green, Blue And Fun

They say the best things always come in twos. Like Laurel and Hardy. Like Karan and Arjun. Like Peanut Butter and Jam. Like Charlie and Chaplin. Like Old Monk and Coke. Or like Bioclean Pond Clarifier and Magic Gro Plus – the best duo to ensure your golf courses are always green with water that is always clear blue.

Golf is a sport that instantly evokes memories – sometimes unjustified – of gently chirping birds, placid rolling greens, the occasional hint of water, quiet contemplation, monk-like patience and the art of quiet appreciation.

And golf courses around the world? They simply are a sight to behold. So scenic. Lush green grass and pretty blue water all around. AirBnB, in fact, has several listings that allow you to spend a holiday in or around a golf course. You could also book golf course stays from golfing clubs at courses around the world. And what an idyllic vacation it would be, right? Pack a picnic basket, grab a book, and settle by a lake or a pond for a day of endless leisure under sunny blue skies. Ah, bliss.

Golf courses are not just little limpid pools of serenity though. They also provide excellent habitats for a wide variety of land and aquatic animals. Many golf courses also include wetlands, providing a filter for runoff. Golf courses, especially in urban areas, provide green cover and refuge from the evils of modern development in the form of housing and business complexes. In urban areas, golf courses also help preserve open spaces and vegetation. They are known to rehabilitate degraded landscapes. They also help indigenous flora and fauna flourish and thrive.

Increasingly however, golf course managers around the world are waking up to criticism about the negative environmental impact of golf courses too. There are two main areas where golf courses need help: lawn management and water body management.

Everybody loves the lush green turf at a golf course but grass maintenance isn’t easy and excessive use of chemical fertilisers to maintain terrestrial flora ends up harming plant immunity and longevity.

Using fertilisers and pesticides – an average golf course in a tropical country uses as much as 1500 kg per year – means the chemicals, especially nitrates, from them seep into ground water, affecting the area’s drinking water quality as well. Regular irrigation of turf also helps propagation of the fairy ring disease, caused by fungi called basidiomycetes in the soil. Also, irrigation of golf courses is an extremely water-intensive affair, often using enough water to suffice thousands of people.

And you can’t think about a golf course without immediately thinking about endless stretches of calm blue water, can you? But water quality maintenance in the ponds and lakes at golf courses is an even bigger challenge. Uncontrolled weeds and algae can easily contaminate large portions of the pond. And while chemical applications can prove instantly effective in curbing these, the water quality is harmed immensely and the solution doesn’t last long either, with the algae and weeds re-appearing every so often.

While the need for treating and beautifying lawns is obvious and undeniable, truth is less than 10% of a typical golf course is the greens. With millions of dollars being spent on golf course maintenance every year, it makes sense to ensure that this money is spent on long-lasting solutions that are not only environment-friendly but also save money in the long run while addressing all aspects of golf course maintenance.

Which is where we come in with two products that work together (or separately) to solve all issues affecting golf course maintenance the natural way.

Bioclean Pond Clarifier and Magic Gro Plus

Water bodies in golf courses see lots of fertilizer runoff from the courses, resulting in algal growth. This is further exacerbated by the biocides used to maintain the greenness of the golf greens which end up contaminating the air and also the water in golf courses. Regular deposition into the water leads to eutrophication, and biomass accumulation in the water. This not only affects the water ecosystem, it also changes the color of the water because the pollutants give rise to suspended solids. Lastly, poor maintenance – compounded by the effects of chemical treatments – ensures the challenges in water body maintenance continue without resolution.

The main challenges with pond and lake maintenance at golf courses are

  • Green coloured water
  • Floating algae & very high concentrations of algae
  • Bad water quality affecting ornamental pond fish
  • Reduced dissolved oxygen levels
  • High concentration of nutrients/Eutrophication
  • Foul odour, due to stagnant organic sludg


All of these challenges can be addressed with Bioclean Pond Clarifier, our research-backed microbial formulation, created especially for pond and lake bioremediation. It contains a consortium of beneficial bacteria that degrade organic pollutants in water bodies and use them for nutrition, growth and reproduction.

Bioclean Pond Clarifier degrades compounds like ammonia and sulfide and metabolizes them to facilitate cell growth. With no toxic chemicals and only naturally occurring microbes, Bioclean Pond Clarifier restores ecological balance to the water body and ensures revival and maintenance of the water.

The microbes in Bioclean Pond Clarifier also biodegrade organic sludge and excess nutrients from the bottom and water, ensuring foul odours are eliminated at source. The microbes also accelerate the nitrogen cycle, eliminating ammonia gases without any putrefaction. Bioclean Pond Clarifier is completely safe for the natural eco-system of the water bodies and improves aquatic flora and fauna of lakes and ponds while preventing weed growth and algal bloom.

Bioclean Pond Clarifier

  • helps in effective degradation of bottom organic sludge
  • helps maintain natural eco-balance in lakes and ponds
  • reduces ammonia levels, thus controlling algae growth
  • stabilizes bloom conditions and prevents over-blooming of algae
  • prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead plankton
  • reduces formation of Hydrogen Sulphide, thus eliminating foul odour
  • reduces BOD and COD levels
  • reverts the water body back to its natural eco system


Treating water bodies is only one step in a successful environmental friendly care regimen for golf courses. Equal attention also needs to be paid to the treatment of golf greens, which in fact is the primary cause of all issues plaguing water bodies at golf courses. As mentioned previously, excessive use of fertilisers and over-irrigation cause leaching of nitrates into groundwater, contaminating water bodies too. Golf greens need the power of growth regulating microbial supplements to thrive without the side effects of chemical use.

Exactly like Magic Gro Plus does. Magic Gro Plus uses advanced microbial technology that reduces the dependence of grass on chemical fertilisers. Using biosensors and bioactivators, Magic Gro Plus improves plant immunity, protects grass from pest infestations and enables grass to withstand climatic stresses. It also helps improve nutrient and water uptake, providing a complete all-weather natural defence system for lawns in any climate, any season, any location.

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