Septic System Care for Summer Season

Septic Tank care

A septic tank system is an excellent way to treat household waste. Buried under the ground and out of sight, many people expect septic tanks to function properly always. But in reality, septic systems can fail. Therefore, you must take extra care of your septic tank system. But before you learn more about septic system care, you need to know first how the septic system works. 

A septic system is a network of pipes, billions of living microorganisms and a tank. The septic tank receives tonnes of organic waste coming from your household through pipes. The beneficial microorganisms present in the tank do the bulk of the work and break down the waste. While the solid waste settles at the bottom, lighter scum floats on the top. The treated liquid is thereafter released into the environment.

What Goes Wrong In Summer?
In the summer season, several factors can affect the performance of the septic tank system. Problems with the septic tank system often stems due to improper use. Many people don’t realize that regular care and maintenance is important as well. Here are five pointers you should consider to take care of the septic system in summer.

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Septic Tank Odour
 Over time, a septic tank may accumulate solid waste if not maintained properly. Waste in the form of sludge may reach the outlet and flow into the drain field, causing septic tank odour. The hot temperatures during the summer season can intensify this bad odour coming from the septic system. If this happens, know that it is a sign of serious septic tank problem and needs urgent solution. 

Over Usage of Water 
Most often, a septic system is built for a home with few family members. But during the summer season, children stay at home more, relatives may come for vacation, and friends often visit. This would mean that more wastewater is generated at your home that goes to the septic tank system. Besides, usage of toilets has increased at home due to the pandemic and the consequent lockdown measures in place. This too has increased the load on septic tank systems. 

Thus, the over-usage of water can distress the septic tank and cause the system to flood out. Moreover, the extra amount of water affects the natural balance of living microorganisms in the tank necessary for the decomposition of the organic waste (kitchen and human waste)

Not to Flush Items
You should make sure that your family and guests flush only toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Otherwise, the septic tank system can get clogged due to items that are not decomposed easily. It may lead to system failure as well. Avoid flushing items like diapers, hair, paper towels, disposable wipes, cotton swabs, coffee grounds. Additionally, avoid disposing of garbage as it can strain and impair septic systems. 

Avoid Chemicals
Do not feed your septic system with chemicals. Flushing even a small amount of paints, thinners, solvents, chemical cleaners, caustic drain openers can harm the beneficial microorganism’s necessary for the breakdown of organic waste. In the absence of biological activities performed by microbes, waste accumulation may occur, leading to septic tank malfunction. 

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Regular Maintenance
Regular care and maintenance are essential to keep the septic tank performance at optimum levels. Many consider the summer season as the best time to pump out waste from the septic system. But the mechanical maintenance is often very costly. Many households cannot opt for such measures every time a septic tank failure occurs. 

Thus, there is an urgent need to switch to innovative and cost-effective solutions to care for septic systems regularly. Biological septic tank treatment has emerged as one of the best methods to solve this problem. Biological additives enhance the performance of microbes already present in septic systems. It supports and stimulates growth of microbes which helps in breaking down the waste. Additionally, biological additives are easy to use and affordable. It can be used for routine maintenance of the septic system regularly. The use of biological additives frequently helps to avoid costly mechanical maintenance as well.

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Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with the best septic tank solutions. Bioclean Septic is an advanced septic tank cleaner, containing enzyme-producing bacteria that break down organic matter efficiently and aggressively. It minimizes sludge build-up, curbs foul odour and resolves overflow issues as well. Bioclean Septic is the best solution you can use for septic system care in the summer season. 

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