How Do Enzymes Work To Maintain and Clean Your Septic Tank

Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank, commonly situated underneath the ground, is designed to collect household waste. The food particles, oil, grease and fat in the kitchen are washed down the drain and reach the septic tank. Human waste, water used for the toilet, chemical cleaners are flushed down the drain as well.

The waste in the septic tank is treated in two phases. In the first phase, bacteria act on the organic waste aggressively and degrade it. The solid waste in the form of undigested organic matter, dirt, plastic bits gets settled down in the bottom as it cannot be broken down at the same rate any further, and forms the sludge. In the second phase, liquid waste or effluent is passed into the drain field.

Role of Enzymes

Millions of natural bacteria are present in the septic tank system which performs the function of solid waste degradation. Enzymes are a group of protein or amino acids which are released by bacteria that help down organic matter to simpler nutrients. Enzymes are not individual living entities and they cannot grow or reproduce.

The enzymes act as a catalyst to speed up the process of waste degradation. In simple words, enzymes get attached to the waste molecules and break it down into nutrients which are taken up by bacteria.

There are several types of enzymes which are produced by bacteria and available in the septic system. It includes Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase, Urease and Xylanase. These enzymes are helpful in breaking down waste like faecal matter, fats, oil, grease, starch, urea and other waste. In this way, enzymes play a major role in the organic waste degradation.

How work of enzyme is affected?

Septic tank works well when the naturally occurring bacteria secreting enzymes perform its function and helps in breaking down the waste. But various factors affect the work of bacteria and enzymes.

Extensive use of chemicals in the household reaches the septic tank system and affects the function of bacteria and enzymes. The beneficial microbes are eliminated due to the use of various products like bleach, oil, detergents, chemical soaps, paint, acid and solvent based cleaners etc. This increases pressure on the system as the solid waste is left untreated and results in an excessive sludge build up. Consequently, backup issues occur and your septic tank overflows causing you trouble and hassle.

Bacteria and enzymes are sensitive to pH levels in the septic tank system. Toxic substances disturb the pH and other factors like temperature and space affect the enzyme activity as well. This leads to septic tank failures.

Chemicals are often used for degreasing septic tank system parts. Drain cleaners containing inorganic compounds (acids or alkalis) are used to clear clogged drains. These kill beneficial bacteria and potentially corrode tanks as well.

A malfunctioning septic tank can cause great distress to common households. The waste leakage, emission of foul odour, pest and insects attracted to the waste can cause health hazard too. While there are mechanical means to pump out septic tank waste, they are expensive and not a permanent solution.

There are natural, eco-friendly and effective septic tank cleaners available which can help in maintaining and improving the function of septic tank systems without much hassle.

Organica Biotech’s Bioclean Septic is a natural and microbial septic tank cleaner. The highly efficient bacteria in this product, produce enzymes that completely degrade organic waste and fecal matter. It further minimizes the sludge build-up and curbs foul odour. The simple and easy to use product boosts the performance of septic tank and prevents it from overflow and back flow issues.

Bioclean Septic Plus is another advanced septic tank cleaner which degrades faecal matter as well as food particles, fats, oils, and grease. It is a cost-effective way of keeping your septic tank to work at its best.

If you’d like to treat your septic tanks naturally without harming human lives or the environment, please contact us here and we will come back to you with solutions.

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Bioclean Septic

Bioclean Septic is a microbial product that breaks down human waste efficiently. Bioclean Septic keeps your sludge levels in check.

Bioclean Septic Plus

Bioclean Septic Plus is a 10x concentrated microbial formula that breaks down human waste, food residue, fats, oils and grease. A must where toilet and kitchen lines are connected to the septic tank.

Bioclean Septic (Double Pack)

Bioclean Septic is a microbial product that breaks down human waste efficiently. Bioclean Septic keeps your sludge levels in check.

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