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Animal husbandry has evolved since the dawn of human civilization. Rising demand for products and byproducts from animal husbandry is owed to the exponential increase in the global population. In order to meet these demands, animal husbandry professional have resorted to various practices to increase the yield. Just like us, animal health is governed not only by the feed that is provided to them, but also internally, by the millions of tiny microscopic beings residing within their gut.

Rats can act as vectors of diseases due to their ability to absorb disease agents from their environment and spread these pathogens, endangering the health of poultry and even humans. A study on the feces of rats caught in a poultry farm in British Columbia, found that rats carried potentially harmful multidrug resistant strains of avian Escherichia coli. These bacteria have the ability to cause gastrointestinal disease in poultry. The same strain of the bacterium has also been associated with human infections as well. The pathogenic bacteria was also isolated from the fur and appendages of one quarter of the trapped rodents.

Are you feeding your poultry birds well and caring for them yet are troubled by frequent health concerns of these birds? You might be missing out on the beneficial effects of poultry probiotics. Probiotics are friendly microbes that colonize and grow in the digestive tract of animals and birds. These microbes play an essential role in the assimilation of nutrients in the gut of the animal.

Maintaining the health and productivity of farm animals is of high priority to the farm owners. Hence, it is not surprising that farmers use antibiotics to protect their animals. Do you think this is the right method of raising healthy farm animals? Think again… Imprudent use of antibiotics for farm animals only increases the chances [...]