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Now remove germs, dirt, waxes and chemicals from your fruits and vegetables with ease. The Tazo Fruit & Vegetable cleaner is made from naturally derived ingredients and packed with essential oils from medicinal plants with Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial properties. The power packed nature derived amphiphiles effectively remove 99.9% germs, dirt and chemicals and provide protection from virus, fungi and bacteria. All this while the fruits and vegetables retain their freshness, taste and smell. It is completely safe as it is Chlorine, Alcohol, Paraben and SLS free.
Available in 500ml pack, our Tazo Fruit and Veggie Cleanser is now available on Amazon & Flipkart for delivery across India



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What are the ingredients of Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser?

Tazo fruit & vegetable Cleaner is made up of food grade antiviral surface active agents, orange peel oil, clove bud oil & virgin coconut oil.

Does Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser contain any chemicals?

Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser is a 100% natural fruit & vegetable cleaner and is free from Chlorine, Alcohol, Paraben & SLS.

Does Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser clean effectively?

Tazo fruit & vegetable cleaner is derived from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils with medicinal properties that safely removes 99.9% germs, dirt, chemicals, and waxes & provides protection against virus, fungi & bacteria.

Does Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser retain the freshness of fruits & vegetables?

Tazo Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner safely washes & sanitizes fruits, veggies & eggs with naturally derived ingredients while retaining the freshness.

Does Tazo Fruit & Veggie Cleanser alter the taste of fruits & veggies?

Tazo Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner is powered with naturally derived ingredients that effectively clean fruits, veggies & eggs without altering their taste.

Can it be used for all types of fruits & vegetables?

Tazo fruit & vegetable cleaner can be used to clean all types of fruits, vegetables & eggs. Not for mushrooms.

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