How Additives Help In Maintaining Good Septic Tank Health 

Septic tank with sludge

Septic tank system is a critical part of every home. Wastewater generated every day  in the bathroom and chemical cleaners used are flushed down into septic tank. Also, you may rely on it to tackle the kitchen waste in the form of fats, oils and grease that goes down the sink. Therefore, it is important to keep the performance of your septic tank high. But most often, we don’t give it a second thought until a septic tank failure occurs or you end up with a stinky smell around your house.

In order to extend the life of a septic tank system, good maintenance is essential. It helps to prevent clogging, waste back up and foul smell. This leads to the question of how can we maintain the septic tank health? Before we answer the question, it is important to know how a septic tank system works.

A septic tank system uses the natural biological process to treat the wastewater  released from home. The naturally occurring microorganisms play a vital role in breaking down the waste inside the tank. While the solids settle down in the tank in the form of sludge, the treated wastewater is drained through perforated pipes into the drain field preventing waste from backing up.

In an idle scenario, microorganisms perform at its best by breaking down the waste and help in maximizing the septic tank performance. But in reality, due to various factors such as the use of a large amount of chemical drain cleaners, anti-bacterial agents and cleaning agents like soaps and detergents at home, the natural microbial community in the septic tank gets decimated. It leads to septic tank failure. This is where septic tank treatment products like additives help in maintaining good septic tank health.

Septic tank additives are used to boost the performance of the septic system. These additives can be divided into the following categories: inorganic compounds, organic solvents and biological additives.

Inorganic additives generally include strong acids or alkalis. It unclogs drains but can cause damage to the septic system by corroding tanks. Organic solvents made of chemicals break down oil and grease but kills beneficial microbes. Thus, inorganic compounds and organic solvents can be harsh and damage the system. Therefore, it is important to avoid using chemical additives which is counter-productive and may result in septic system failure.

Biological additives, on the other hand, use enzymes and microbes to improve the function of the septic tank system. It helps in bacterial population growth, control biomass and reduces the solid matter in the tank.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with natural solutions for effective septic tank treatment. Bioclean Septic is a septic tank treatment product that consists of septic tank enzyme-producing bacteria. It is highly capable of degrading waste, breaking down sludge and preventing choke-ups. Also, it boosts the septic tank performance and thereby curbs foul odour. Thus, you can use Bioclean Septic to maintain good septic tank health always.

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Post by Kiran Jyot