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Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of products with highly innovative microbial biostimulants. They are capable of enhancing soil quality and productivity, leading to crop vigour and better yields. Natural, safe and effective, Organica Biotech products are aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture. The Magic Gro range of products contains an advanced formulation of microbes that adapt to different geo-climatic conditions.

Organica Biotech is one of the leaders in the industries developing an extensive range of products that promote sustainable farming practises. The advanced Magic Gro range of products are safe, natural and effective. It boosts vegetable production and its quality. The microbial consortium developed in the state of the art facilities are tested and proven for its efficacy and reproducibility. It is known for improving plant vitality, plant immunity and enhances seed germination, fruiting, flowering rates and crop yield

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of solutions for sustainable agriculture. It’s Magic Gro range of products include Magic Gro Drip Sol, Magic Gro Nemacare, Magic Gro PSB and other products which boost crop development, improve plant immunity and vigour sustainabl

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a wide range of solutions for a sustainable future. MagicGro range of products includes plant growth promoter, microbial biostimulants and soil conditioners. Advanced microbiome replenishment technology powers these products. They are natural, safe and eco-friendly solutions, and boost soil quality. 

Bhutan is arguably among the few countries in the world where agriculture is an integral and active part of the Bhutanese culture even today. A large population in Bhutan make their living through farming and society, in general, are fond of nature. Blessed with varied climatic zones, a diverse range of cultivated food can be produced. Especially amidst the challenges like climate change, soil quality degradation, depleting water resources, and shrinking balanced habitats, it is remarkable to note that more than 60% of the land area is covered with forest in Bhutan. It is the only carbon-negative country with such statistics. The other areas include pasture, arable, and unproductive land.