Wastewater Treatment That Works Every Time

Gödöllő is a small town in Hungary, not too far from Budapest. Home to less than 40,000 people,  Gödöllő counts several famous citizens amongst its residents, including former prime ministers, tennis players, footballers, physicians and mathematicians. Godollo is also home to national and global chemical and pharmaceutical companies who’ve set up R&D centres and other plants there, as well as other companies who’ve production centres in  Gödöllő.

Like most small towns, all domestic waste is treated by the civic administration in  Gödöllő too. Our client, the municipal wastewater treatment plant in  Gödöllő , was dealing with several issues when they approached us for a solution. The plant was not running as efficiently as it could, generating excess sludge and consuming far too much energy in operations. Dissolved oxygen levels too were not optimal.

Our experts studied the data and established the following goals:

  • Reduction of the blower’s power consumption by biotechnological optimization of the activated sludge
  • Reduction of excess sludge quantity
  • Stabilization of effluent parameters

For treatment, we recommended Bioclean STP, beginning with a shock dose of 18 kg/day in the first week which we subsequently reduced to 2 kg/day in the fifth week. This is also the continued maintenance dosage.

Bioclean STP is our proprietary blend of numerous specially selected naturally occurring microbial strains which work synergistically to degrade complex organic matter in sewage. Bioclean STP minimises sludge volume and improves good floc formability, accelerating biomass settling. Bioclean STP ensures complete degradation of organic matter, ensuring no production of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia and preventing malodours. The microbes in Bioclean STP suppress pathogens prevalent in sewage waters too and reduce health risks. Bioclean STP also stabilises the STP and helps it withstand shock loads.

At the Gödöllő municipal wastewater treatment plant, as expected, Bioclean STP started delivering immediate results.

Sludge Production

Before treatment, the average quantity of dewatered sludge at the plant was 258 m3/month. After treatment with Bioclean STP, this has gone down to 216 m3/month.

Energy Consumption

In the aerobic reactors, due to better oxygen-utilizing ability of the activated sludge with modified composition, the dissolved oxygen level was reduced from 2.5 mg/l to 0.8 mg/l. This has reduced power consumed by the blowers, bringing down the plant’s power consumption by 16%. Energy consumption per treated water volume also went down from 0.436 kWh/m3 to 0.391 kWh/m3.

Municipal waste treatment plants around the world are under severe strain with increasing migration of people toward urban areas. And while there have been engineering advancements in design and processes of sewage water treatment plants, development of bacterial treatment systems for effective sewage secondary treatment has not been accorded equal importance. Bioclean STP is the game-changer. It is easy to apply and speeds up plant commissioning. Bioclean STP is 100% efficient and effective, regardless of climatic and weather conditions. It accelerates organic matter degradation and minimises sludge production while also reducing fecal coliforms, providing complete odour control. Using Bioclean STP does not require any hardware modifications either. Using Bioclean STP ensures improved treatment rate, thus reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs too.

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