Raising Healthy Chickens, The Probiotic Way

Sarit B Tarafdar, a chicken farmer in Vadodara, needed an effective solution to strengthen immunity and prevent diseases and infections in his Serama Chicken farm. He was especially mindful of the long-term effects of continued antibiotic treatments.

He turned to us for a probiotic solution.

Poultry farming is one of the major businesses that contribute to the economy of most developing countries. Sarit B Tarafdar is one of the most popular chicken breeders in Vadodara and has been breeding chickens on his farm for more than a decade. His farm was primarily to breed exotic birds like the Serama Chicken, a rare, bantam breed of chicken, originally from Malaysia.

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Raising Serama Chicken is a little more difficult than other types of chicken. Poultry owners need to spend a lot of money on regular medication for these birds. Not only are these medicines costly, but they also have an adverse effect on the growth of the birds and the feed conversion rate. Further, the colonisation and transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria among the birds was a serious concern.

Use of antibiotics can disturb the normal gut microflora of chicks. When exposed to stressful conditions with weak immune systems, the birds are more susceptible to various infections. Hence, Sarit wanted to try a more natural and effective product to help the birds develop a stronger immunity and improve their overall health and growth.

After meeting Sarit and understanding the situation, our experts provided him with the perfect solution – Cibuzz. Cibuzz is our direct feed probiotic that can be given to chickens in their feed or drinking water. The beneficial microbes in Cibuzz result in many health benefits on poultry birds like significantly improved digestion and food intake, bio-security against diseases, weight gain in a comparatively short time span, high-quality egg yield and reduced feather fall.

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We recommended a Cibuzz dosage of 3 grams per kg of soft food and administered this to 100 small cocktail size birds, thrice a week.

And the results were nothing short of spectacular. Regular usage of Cibuzz had a positive effect on the Serama birds. Their food intake improved notably. The growth of chickens also increased to a great extent. Sarit has been using Cibuzz for two and a half years now with consistently good results.