Can Microbes Enhance The Health Of Animals In Your Poultry Farm?

Gut microbes are present in the intestinal tract of all animals however they are extremely crucial for ruminants like cattle. These ruminants are able to digest and utilize cellulose in their diet only because of the specific enzymes produced by these gut microbes. Probiotics are live gut microbes that can improve and enhance the digest as well as confer many other benefits on cattle health. Probiotics have been suggested to improve milk yield and quality. However, many are still unaware how intestinal microflora can impact milk yield in cattle.   These probiotics enhance and augment the ruminal microflora populations and improve the animal performance and health. An overall improvement in the animal health will definitely contribute to milk production and quality. A variety of microbes are responsible for enhancing the health of cattle. The combined effects of these microbes can improve the efficiency of digestion of nutrients and the food transformation into milk. Improved fiber digestibility and forage utilization along with microbial protein product improves the milk yield. Probiotic bacteria digest cellulose and hemicellulose, increasing fiber digestion in the rumen resulting in higher consumption of organic matter and increased milk production. Therefore probiotics are a promising tool to improve digestibility and consequently milk production in cattle. Also Read – Microbes: Every Farmer’s Not So Secret Superstar