Gut Probiotics: Revolutionising Animal Management Worldwide!

Are you feeding your poultry birds well and caring for them, yet are troubled by the frequent health concerns of these birds? You might be missing out on the beneficial effects of poultry probiotics.

Probiotics are friendly microbes that colonize and grow in the digestive tract of animals and birds. These microbes play an essential role in the assimilation of nutrients in the gut of the animal.

It may seem unnecessary to provide probiotics to poultry birds; however, rearing chickens in artificial settings like a chicken coop puts them at an increased risk of diseases.

Probiotics are essential for poultry birds as they help establish and maintain a healthy gut microflora in the birds.

Birds born in the wild are in contact with and exposed to other birds and the environment and develop a strong gut.

However, chicks hatched in incubators may not be so fortunate and may have a compromised gut microflora. Therefore it is extremely beneficial to use probiotics for poultry birds’ right from birth.

The probiotics colonize in the gut of the birds and help them in assimilating nutrients from feed, improving their FCR and also protecting them from numerous diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The beneficial microbes colonize the guts and compete for attachment sites with any other pathogens that may enter the digestive system.

Unable to bind to the epithelial cells, these pathogens are removed from the body, and the birds stay protected.

The beneficial microbes also aid in digestion and modify the gastrointestinal environment to favor the health status of the birds.

Probiotics can also help restore the normal balance of the gut microflora after antibiotic therapy or during stress conditions.

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Have you still not tried probiotics for your birds?

Your birds will definitely benefit from supplementation with specifically formulated microbial preparations. Start using them now and ensure good health and higher productivity.