Orchestrating The Movement Towards A Sustainable Future!

A keen researcher, a voracious reader, a curious reveler and an earnest learner- One face and many facets! Dr. Ganesh Kamath, the dynamic founder of Organica Biotech, has worked extensively in the realm of environmental biotechnology. Leaving behind his lucrative career in Pharmaceutical Sciences in USA, Dr. Kamath’s vision to drive a change pushed him to lay the foundation of this environmental biotech firm. Under his enigmatic leadership, this firm has attained tremendous success and impacted the lives of numerous farmers, industrialists and consumers. His never ending perseverance and efforts have pushed Organica Biotech to the pedestal of being listed as top 20 Environmental Biotech companies in the world. Today Organica Biotech is creating immense value by working extensively in the fields of sanitation, solid waste management, waste water treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and animal health care, thereby impacting individuals, farmers, industries and society as a whole.

“One of major turning points of my life was the winter of 1999. I had visited India for a break and witnessed that this country was sitting on the pedestal of numerous environmental disasters. India’s resources were exploited ruthlessly which perturbed the frail ecological balance. I personally believe that three spheres which determine mankind’s future are healthcare, food security and environment. Fortunately, my firm impacts humankind in all the ways.”, remarks Dr. Kamath.

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Over the past 16 years Organica Biotech has served diverse industries. Its products have catered to over 45 countries. It is playing a pivotal role in switching from a chemical to biological world and carving a sustainable future. “I believe that microbial technology has the potential to revolutionize environmental conservation practices. These are derived from nature’s own laboratory and work in synergy to translate in to major environment success stories.”