Of High Tea And Faulty Toilets

Acre upon acre of gently sloping green fields. Mist-shrouded mountains. Sipping hot tea on pleasant afternoons while sitting in a gazebo, munching on cheese sandwiches. Languid days watching clouds gently float by in the sky.

Thinking of tea plantations usually invokes pleasantly romantic visions like these. And also those of super organized lines of workers, hard at work, plucking tea leaves all day long.

In thinking about tea plantations, though, very rarely does the layperson think about the sanitation facilities that workers at these places will need. And considering the large number of workers tea plantations usually employ, it is no wonder that these sanitation facilities are always overloaded.

And overloaded toilets invariably start stinking and eventually get clogged and become defunct.

This was the issue our clients were facing too at the Majuli Tea Estate. One of India’s oldest tea plantations, the Majuli estate employs close to 1000 people. When they reached out to us, they had three major concerns with their toilet facilities.

They were already using bio-toilets, but the bioagents in their bio-digester tanks were not working effectively.

This meant the faecal sludge wasn’t getting degraded effectively, leading to choked pipelines, malignant odours, and backflows. Because of the clogged pipelines, sewage was overflowing from the toilet seats, too, rendering the toilets unfit for use.

After assessing the situation, our team recommended immediate dosing with Bioclean BD

Bioclean BD is our revolutionary natural microbial biodigester tank treatment product. It contains specially designed high enzyme-producing bacteria that can completely degrade all faecal matter.

Bioclean BD also breaks down existing sludge and minimizes sludge build up too, thus preventing choke-ups. Foul odours in sanitation facilities are often due to the formation of H2S and ammonia-producing bacteria.

Bioclean BD inhibits the growth of these bacteria and curbs the formation of H2S, thus attacking foul odours at the source. Bioclean BD also degrades organic blockages in drain pipes and addresses all overflow and backflow issues.

Use of Bioclean BD in bio-toilets speeds up faecal matter breakdown and prevents disease-causing germs from spreading. Bioclean BD can also handle heavy loads, regardless of climatic conditions.

We started a pilot treatment at two locations on Majuli Tea Estates with Bioclean BD.

At both these locations, the bio-toilets had stopped working because of excessive sludge and the associated odours. After treatment with Bioclean BD, though, both locations showed a dramatic turnaround. The toilets became unclogged.

There was a drastic reduction in sludge levels in the tank. And the foul odours became history.

As the testimonial from our client below proves, when it comes to bio-toilets, nothing succeeds like Bioclean BD.

“We are satisfied with the performance of Bioclean BD for effective faecal waste management as there was no kind requirement of any kind of mechanical suction of the sewage water from our septic tanks. We appreciate the successful reduction in our concerns of faecal sludge management. We are pleased with the quality of service provided by Organica Biotech.”
-Anshu Shukla, Manager – Sustainable Projects

If you are facing challenges with the functioning of your biotoilets – whether with breakdown of faecal matter or sludge buildup or overflows and backflows or even with unholy odours, fill in the form below to ask us for a solution.

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