Improving The Cotton Yield in Maharashtra: How Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Products Help

Cotton, one of the most miraculous fibers under the sun is noted for its appearance, performance and more importantly, its versatility. Right from Astronaut suits to sheets and towels in our homes – Cotton is literally everywhere and has maintained its place as the nature’s quintessential wonder in this fast moving world. Millions of hectares are globally devoted to the production of cotton and its many varieties.

It is one of the most important crops of India, which contributes heavily to the agricultural and industrial economy of the country. It provides income opportunities to millions of farmers and people working in the cotton processing field.

Globally, India is the third-largest producer of cotton after the US and China and accounts for 16% of cotton production worldwide. Major cotton-growing states include Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Among the nine Indian states, Maharashtra accounts for the largest land area under cotton cultivation. 

Clothing 10 billion people by 2050
By 2050, the world will have to clothe 10 billion human beings. This daunting task lies squarely on the shoulders of natural fibre growers around the world. Organica Biotech has recognised this challenge, and devised sustainable strategies to address the problems that plague cotton agriculture sector today. 

Cotton being a long duration crop, is fraught with issues related to climate change, rising production costs, excessive chemical input usage which have led to poor productivity and lowered resistance to stresses. 

With the help of our sustainable and cost effective technologies, Organica Biotech helps farmers across the world ensure better cotton yields. 

We do this by equipping farmers with sustainable solutions to:

1) Optimize natural nutrient assimilation mechanisms in cotton, 

2) accelerate crop metabolism and finally, 

3) bolster immunity against  biotic  and  abiotic  stress. 

Case Study – Magic gro – Pixie dust for Vidarbha
The following case study shows how Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Drip SOL and Magic Gro Super products played an instrumental role in improving the cotton crop yield at different places of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra in 2018.

A detailed scientific trial was undertaken by Organica Biotech in association with the Convergence of Agriculture Interventions in Maharashtra (CAIM), which works for the welfare of the farmers, helps in increasing their income and ensures agricultural productivity along with sustainability. Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro products was used at 7 talukas of Yavatmal and Buldhana districts. This project focused on agricultural interventions for cotton was recognized by SKOCH Group for the Green Revolution Awards, 2018.

In the year 2017, the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra was massively affected due to drought. A dry spell of more than a month led to unproductive cultivation, and thus the farming community suffered huge losses.

The main objectives of the project were to observe and derive results of the treated and untreated segments of the farm concerning biometric parameters of cotton, the difference in yield between treated and untreated segments of the farm, quality parameters and cost-benefit analysis of cotton cultivation.

How Magic Gro Products Help?

Cotton is a Kharif crop cultivated during the monsoon season and requires 6 to 8 months to mature. Also, more than 90% of the area under cotton cultivation is rainfed. However, the changing weather patterns have affected cotton cultivation. Consequently, it has impacted farmer income. This is where Magic Gro Dripsol and Magic Gro Super helped. The tailor-made microbial consortia are specially designed to enhance the plant microbiome and combat the factors affecting cotton yield. 
Plant microbiome is a dynamic community of microbial species associated with plant roots and surfaces (like leaves). The role of the microbiome of a cotton plant is primarily to assimilate nutrients into the plant and build immunity. However, a destabilized plant microbiome exposes it to nutritional and environmental stress, leaving it susceptible to pest and disease attacks. Organica Biotech Magic Gro products help cotton crop in the following ways:-

  • Enhances the photosynthetic activity and helps plants to tide over abiotic   stress
  • Builds immunity against biotic stress
  • Aids in faster and early vegetative growth
  • Increases the number and rate of square formation
  • Supports the formation of more bolls per plant early 
  • Improves flower and fruit setting
  •  Reduces flowers and fruit drop
  • Helps in the prevention of lalya rog


Magic Gro Drip SOL was applied through drip irrigation/drenching while Magic Gro Super was applied via foliar application. After their application, the following results were found:

Biometric Parameters of Cotton

  • 22% rise in average plant height
  • 35% rise in lateral branching
  • 91% rise in the number of squares
  • 33% rise in leaf colour intensity


Quality of Harvest
The quality of cotton remained uncompromised throughout the farm was assessed by the Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT). Lower branches were found to be longer, thereby contributing to improved photosynthetic efficiency and a higher number of squares per branch.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
There was a 47% increase in income from treated farms compared to untreated ones.

The results proved the efficacy of the Magic Gro range of products from Organica Biotech for boosting cotton crop yield in the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.

Impact of Microbiome Replenishment Technology On Cotton
Our pioneering Microbiome Replenishment Technologies harness the power of nature and  biotechnology  to  restore cotton plant and soil microbiology. Read on to find out how adopting our Magicgro programme can benefit your cotton crop.

Growth Phase Biometric Parameters
Vegetative Phase Improvement in germination  & reduction in need for gap filling
Increase in height of plant & fruiting branches – 
Increase in primary & secondary root branching
Increase in square formation 
Increase in chlorophyll content index 
Reproductive Phase Decrease in square droppings
Increase in number of  bolls & single boll weight  


Chemical Input Requirement & Disease Pressure
 Decrease in intensity of pest and disease attack



Productivity and Quality Parameters
Increase in yields
Easier cotton pickingimproved labour efficiency
More mature, trash free and clean cotton
 Improvement in cotton lint quality & staple length
Farmers received higher selling rate


We have partnered with thousands of farmers across India and the world. Join hands with us to make a lasting impact on your cotton growing journey today.

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