How to be eco-friendly in 2021?

Do you often ignore or skip reading explicit words or numerals like, you know ‘2020’? Say you are watching a Youtube video and you see a typical 2020 rewind video on the recommendations and go ‘NOO, don’t even remind me of that!’.

The previous year can certainly be nicknamed as ‘Thanos’ because that’s what it was right? Like Thanos, 2020 snapped, and changed the way World functions.

While the year of the pandemic may have not been our best year, it was definitely a golden year for our Mother Nature. Mother Nature was beaming bright and happy last year, smiling after probably decades of enduring environmental destruction at the hands of Human’s ambitious minds.

When you needed her, she was always there, to give you peace, a breath of fresh air and wonderful dates as well. This year, 2021, can you be Mother nature’s Avenger by doing your own bit? There is a saying, When you help nature, you help yourself too and when you protect yourself from hazardous substances, you protect nature too.

You don’t need to take big steps, just baby steps can go a long way and help you and Mother Nature be safe. Let us start with the basic, doable steps that you can follow in your everyday life.

  1. Make your home safer:  You already protect your house from unwanted intruders, we do not need to lecture you on that. However, did you know your homes could be hijacked by harmful substances that you could be inviting to your home? We are talking about VOCs – Volatile Organic Compoundsthat enter your homes, offices and indoor spaces through the chemical cleaning products that you use for cleaning. The biggest side effect of chemical surface, toilet and kitchen cleaning is that they do not just compromise your immunity and rid your home of good bacteria that you need, but also degrade the indoor air quality. The damage VOCs can cause to the environment is equally fatal and just as persistent. One of the biggest pollutants impacting outdoor air quality across the world is smog. And yes, VOCs contribute to the increase in smog every day.To make your homes and subsequently the environment safer, you can switch to kinder, gentler, Natural range of cleaning products that will not only clean your homes but also protect our planet. You can check out our own range of natural cleaning products dedicated to making your homes safer here

2. Adapt the ‘Composting culture’: Food waste is undoubtedly one of the most common solid waste generated by the households every day. The amount of kitchen waste collected by waste management authorities is extensive, and it puts a lot of pressure on them to dispose of this waste. Composting is one of the natural ways through which you can reduce solid waste in the environment.

As ‘Thanos’ forced people indoors, there has been a substantial increase in  the interest towards activities like kitchen gardening, home composting, and efficient waste management.

Some challenges faced in home composting are inappropriate composting techniques that can lead to foul smell, and the composting piles may attract insects and flies.

Bioclean Compost

Moreover, the time taken for complete food waste degradation is prolonged. But there are innovative solutions like Bioclean Compost which can help overcome these obstacles. Organica Biotech’s Bioclean Compostconsists of beneficial microbes that accelerate the decomposition of waste and help in composting. Its odour busting technology is known to suppress the foul smell emanated from compost piles. Furthermore, it is enriched with herbs that keep insects and flies away.
If you are a beginner, you can check out our guide to composting here.

3. Lastly, GROW GREEN around you!

Do you ever look at the stock market and wonder why did you not invest in a particular stock 20 years back looking at how good the ROI is now?
Imagine, if we all sowed at least 1 seed in our neighbourhood 20 years back, we would have so much more greenery around us today. Or you can imagine, if you start today and make your friends and relatives also plant trees in your vicinity, 20 years later, you would be single-handedly responsible for your neighbourhood’s beautification and perhaps tourism as well to some extent 😉 A beautiful green and safe future that we can work towards from now will be the ROI that we and our future generations can cherish in the coming years.
Planting trees can also help us resolve Global warming to a great extent. Did you know; in 1 year, 1 tree can consume up to 48 pounds of Carbon di-oxide and release 2 years of Oxygen in exchange?!

Environment friendly 2021

Also, unlike the stock market, trees won’t come crashing down! Unless of course, humans get more ambitious 🙂

In 2021, it is important to be environmentally friendly as it will help to create a sustainable environment which will benefit the current and the many more generations to come. Additionally, individual choices made, keeping the environment in mind, will improve the overall quality of life as well.

Happy befriending the environment 😀

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