Why composting is important & how do i compost at home?

Why is it becoming important to adopt sustainable solid waste management techniques?

India as a country today is turning into a dumping ground itself and one of the major reasons for it is due to the poor waste management system.
The amount of garbage that India produces has made it even difficult to find more landfill sites. India stands 3rd among the largest garbage producers in the world. As estimated, by 2050 India’s waste count can go up by 436 million tons which is huge. Today, out of the total waste collected by the Municipal authorities, 94 % alone is dumped on land and only 5% is composted.

The Central Pollution Control Board in its report from 2009 also indicated that around 62 million tons of solid waste is produced in our nation, out of which only 20% is treated. Thus, 52 million tons of solid waste remains untreated which has definite antagonistic effects on land as well as water bodies releasing more and more greenhouse gases.

Statutory notices have also been issued by the Pollution Control Board to municipal commissioners of 184 towns for taking the right measures to facilitate proper management of sewage and solid waste.

But for now, it is necessary to look out for alternatives that can put to rest the hurdle of finding landfill sites for dumping and decaying. Waste management must be given much emphasis so that India could get out of this environmental concern

If we don’t take ‘Waste Management’ seriously now then there is no way for India to get itself out of this dump.

Enthusiasts and environmentalists from all over the world have suggested segregation of waste at source and composting to be very relevant for solid waste management. Waste management is based on the concept of extracting maximum benefits from the minimum amount of waste.
Home composting is ideal solution to deal with the solid waste management woes that the nation faces today.

Composting at Home

Composting is an affordable and natural way of recycling. Home composting can turn all your food waste, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood etc into an organic fertilizer. Making compost is a biological process executed under controlled conditions where micro-organisms break down all the waste organic matter to simpler substances. Making compost at home is possible if perfect environmental conditions are created within the composting system.

Soil that is essential for plants comprises of all kinds of minerals. The quality and texture of the soil differs from one location to the other. All kinds of soils are not rich in organic matter. Compost can add all the necessary minerals that soil may lack and make it fertile.

We at Organica Biotech are a company that promotes sustainable living and offer a product by the name of SoilMate which acts as a compost maker and is a very effective product for making compost at home. This home composting solution is a unique microbial formulation for composting Kitchen, Garden and Agricultural Waste. It also assists in eliminating the odour while speeding up the composting process.

Let’s manage our waste well right from our homes and make India a clean and sustainable nation.

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