What Are the Uses of Probiotics in Aquaculture

Aquaculture today is one of the chief contributors to global food production. Statistics also suggest aquaculture to be the highest-growing sector than other food production systems.

To be at par with the demand, aquaculture production practices have intensified over the years.

The utilization of antibiotics to boost up production has proved to be a major concern as around 70-80% of antibiotics used for this purpose are for humans.

This not only leads to the deterioration of the water bodies but also creates an imbalance in the gut microbiota which in turn reduces the natural immunity of the bred fish.

This will end up as a potential risk to the health of consumers.

What Are Probiotics? What Are the Roles of Probiotics in Aquaculture?

Probiotics are living microbial cells that help improve the natural immunity level as well as positively impact fish growth and reproduction.

Probiotics in aquaculture can eradicate the dependence on antibiotics focusing more on maintaining and improving the quality of the rearing environment and protecting the fishes from biological hazards.

The use of probiotics can drive sustainable aquaculture practices.

How Do Probiotics Function?

Probiotics in aquaculture facilitate the production of enzymes for better digestion and also modulate the immune system to fight pathogenic bacteria.

It colonizes the gut inhibiting the colonization of pathogenic bacteria. The probiotic organisms consume all the necessary nutrients leaving nothing for the pathogens to live on.

It is also necessary to use appropriate probiotics in aquaculture depending on the fish species and size. A probiotic can be added alone or in combination for a particular species.

The advantages of probiotics in aquaculture prove them to be the right alternative to the use of antibiotics and chemicals.

We at Organica Biotech are your game changers and our range of probiotics are an intricate interplay of microbes and enzymes that enhance the rearing conditions and also boost the health and growth rate.

Our solutions can be applied to the farming of shrimp, shellfish, fish, and aquatic plants. Our designed-for-application formulation inhibits algal bloom and facilitates the rapid degradation of ammonia and other organic waste.

Our Range of Aquaculture Products include:

  • BioClean® Aqua: BioClean® Aqua bioremediates the pond of tiger shrimps by accelerating the decomposition of organic compounds preventing the accumulation of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.
  • BioClean® Aqua Plus: Penaeus vannamei are stocked and cultured in very high densities in ponds and tanks. BioClean Aqua Plus acts as a boost to their increasing densities by creating a sustainable environment and preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria.
  • BioClean® Aqua Hatchery: This is one of the most important probiotics in aquaculture as it maintains the right environment for the cultivation of shrimps at nauplii, zooea, and mysis stages. It prevents odour emanation & larval toxicity.
  • Biogut Aqua: It is a probiotic in aquaculture that contains friendly microbes promoting rapid digestion of food in aquatic animals. It also increases immunity.
  • BioClean® Aqua Fish: BioClean® Aqua Fish reduces the dissolved level of nitrates and phosphates, improving the quality of the water in the fish ponds which in return will boost the fish size and promote healthy gills.
  • Bioflok: Bioflok is helpful in enhanced floc formation within 3-4 days. It leads to increased body weight of fish and shrimp and also maintains the water quality.

Our range of Probiotics in aquaculture is certified antibiotic-free by the Coastal Aquaculture Authority -India.