What are Natural and Effective Ways of Purifying Lake Water

Water resources are precious for the survival and well-being of all life forms on planet Earth. Different water resources present on the earth’s surface include oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds etc. For common people, lakes are an integral part of life as it is one of the sources of drinking water. The water from lakes and reservoirs are first treated and supplied to homes.

Lake water is beneficial for various industries as water can be used for different processes. It also provides the necessary amount of water for farming activities, fish farming and other human needs. But there is a caveat.

One of the features associated with lakes is that it is closed. Therefore, an extensive amount of domestic waste, industrial waste, agricultural effluents released into this water resource causes lake pollution. Other sources include garbage accumulation and sewer overflow. Consequently, the toxic waste, chemicals and harmful bacterial pathogens cause water contamination. It can lead to devastating consequences in the form of diseases and deaths for the human population.

Also, a large amount of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus enrich the lake water, causing eutrophication. It leads to excessive plant growth, algal blooms, and fish kills in lakes. It depletes oxygen levels in the lake and disturbs the aquatic ecosystem. Pollution of lakes is a global phenomenon and affects aquatic life.

Plus, pollution of lakes can cause a foul odour, harmful gas emission and mosquito infestation that can disturb the residents nearby. It is caused due to the accumulation of sludge which is formed when organic materials mix with inorganic materials over a period of time. Fortunately, the pollution threat can be mitigated using the bioremediation that is found to be natural, effective and eco-friendly process.

Bioremediation of lakes

The living microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are known to metabolize waste present in water. They are effective in the removal of industrial pollutants as well. In an ideal scenario and under a healthy environment, bioremediation is a natural process that takes place and assists in lake cleaning.

But the excessive amount of waste load and degrading natural aquatic environment has affected the performance of natural microbes. Thus, they are ineffective in nutrient oxidation and unable to degrade sludge. It is incapable to prevent H2S gas and black muck formation as well.

To overcome this challenge, many have resorted to algaecides and other chemicals. But there are many disadvantages of using the same. Some of them include damage to natural microbes and disturbance to natural regulation of nutrient levels. Thus, there is an urgent need for solutions that can enhance the bioremediation process naturally without harming the environment.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with a natural advanced solution for lake cleaning. Bioclean Pond Clarifier is one such product that is effective in treating polluted lakes and ponds. It consists of microbes that accelerates the degradation process and minimize sludge accumulation. Also, it reduces the nutrient quantity in water, thus preventing eutrophication.

The benefits of Bioclean Pond Clarifier include H2S gas reduction, better water quality, oxygen stabilization, COD/BOD reduction and much more. The other major highlight is that as the pollution levels decrease in the lake, the bacterial population automatically reduces and eventually expire or remain dormant. Plus, it is a completely safe, beneficial and environmentally-friendly method to purify lakes. Use Bioclean Pond Clarifier for natural and effective lake cleaning.

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Post by Priyanka Khaire