Bioremediation – The Easy Way Out Of Chaos

The horizon for the treatment of wastewater has expanded with the Namami Gange Project. Bioremediation with the help of microbes is the simple and most effective way out.

All of us are aware of the situation that we have come into because of the indiscriminate disposal of waste into water bodies.

The situation worsens further with the large number of festivals that a large country like India has.

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Microbial remediation enables odour-free cleaning of the river water. The microbes involved in the process are robust and retentive leading to long-lasting impact.

Thus it is very important that we take to microbial ways of waste management.

In the long run, it becomes of immense importance that we realize the value of natural ways of wastewater management. Namami Gange is just one among many such projects that we should look forward to in the future.