Sources of Washroom Odor in Corporate Offices & How to eliminate it

Washrooms at corporate offices are cleaned at regular intervals by the housekeeping staff. Still, at times, the emanating odor from these washrooms tend to be a concern for employees visiting them throughout the day.

What is this odor? Where does it come from in spite of washrooms being cleaned every day? Is your workplace hygienic?

There are certain sources that cause this toilet odor. Regular cleaners that mostly are a toilet odor eliminator act as masking agents and do not work on the source of the odor and hence tend to fail. Given below are some of the sources for odor in washrooms and the solutions thereof:

Urine is one of the most common reason for odor we face at washrooms. Hundreds of employees visit the washroom in a corporate office. Thus, the quantity of urine flushed every day is very high.

Urine comprises of salts, proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and urea that contain nitrogen. Bacteria feed on the urea and carbohydrates causing the formation of odor creating compounds of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. In addition, urine spills on the floor are also a source of odor.

Urinal Drain Clogging:
Due to the organic matter present in the urine, it is prone to bacterial degradation which results in foul odor. The biological degradation of urea by the bacteria creates an alkali environment causing the uric acid to react with the salts from flush water which then starts depositing on the surface of the drainage pipes leading to urinal drain clogging. This process is called scaling of pipes. Such blockages prove to be a major hurdle.

Flushing is also one of the factors responsible for the problem of odors. An invisible mist containing bacteria rises and settles on the urinals, floors and surrounding areas with every flush. If left unattended, these bacteria’s then cause the unbearable odor.

Solution for maintaining a pleasant washroom atmosphere
Most solutions fail since they aim at only masking the odor, we at Organica Biotech has launched the OB Care Washroom Cleaning and Odor Control solutions. These enzymatic formulations in addition to cleaning washrooms, effectively degrade the organic waste like urine deposits thereby neutralizing the odor emanating sources and maintaining a pleasant washroom atmosphere.

OB Care Flush Free Urinal Spray
The FlushFree Urinal Spray can be used to create a pleasant washroom atmosphere. It effectively controls odor by degrading urine deposits at source.
OB Care FlushFree Urinal Spray is to be sprayed onto the urinals and the surrounding area and floors below urinal pots at frequent intervals. It is recommended to spray every 2 – 4 hours depending on the load factor.

OB Care Urinal Drain cleaner
This specially formulated consortium has a unique enzyme machinery that helps degrade urinary waste deposits in drain lines, this prevents reverse gases emanating from nahani traps/urinal drains and prevents clogging of drain lines.
OB Care Urinal drain cleaner is to be used with a dilution ratio of 100 ml : 1 L water for each urinal & nahani trap. Initially start dosing daily for 7 days, subsequently once a week. For best results, it is recommended to pour this solution in the urinal & nahani trap at the end of the day.

OB Care Washroom cleaner and odor eliminator
This enzyme based cleaner helps eliminate odors at source and gives a pleasant washroom atmosphere.
For cleaning of washroom floors, toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, faucets etc, use 20-50 ml of this product in 1 L water. To be used as a toilet odor eliminator use the concentrated product by spraying in corners and around water closets etc.

OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner
This is an organic toilet cleaner having a unique enzymatic formulation utilizing nano biotechnology and is eco-friendly when compared to other toilet cleaners which use a blend of corrosive chemicals. This unique blend effectively cleans toilets and removes stains giving your ceramics a fresh & sparkling look.
This is a ready to use product. In order to get best results from this organic toilet cleaner, it is recommended that the product is spread with a brush uniformly on the toilet bowl, leave it for 20 minutes & brush the bowl and flush. Repeated use will provide good results.

A combination of these four products will help you resolve and washroom odor issues that might be present in washrooms.

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