Why Should You Green Up Your Cleaning Routine With Organic & Sustainable Cleaning Products

Offices using organic toilet cleaners and Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator for better hygiene

Sustainable living is often associated with using Earth’s resources judiciously. It is somehow limited to promoting lifestyle changes concerning the food we eat and how we dump our waste. Minimizing the use of plastic and using alternate modes of transportation other than fuel-based ones; these are the ideas that pop up in mind. Although all these are important there are some factors which also need to occupy our conscience. If we look at the 5 Rs or five principles that constitute a sustainable living, it includes Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, and Renew. This is where opting for green or organic cleaning solutions and refusing the chemical-based cleaners is the urgent need of the hour.

Consider office spaces where we spend a good amount of time every day. Most often, the office spaces consist of a single washroom or perhaps two. Not more than that. At the same time, there are a countless number of people using washrooms numerous times all throughout a day. This includes employees, visitors, and many others. What about the gradual accumulation of grime deposits in the washroom fixtures and dirt on the floors? All this leads to despicable odor and unhygienic space which can pose a serious health risk if left unchecked. Similarly, there are hotels, restaurants, resorts, institutions, etc. where meticulous cleaning is necessary.

More often than not one looks for a quick fix as far as washroom and floor cleaning are concerned. And therefore end up purchasing and storing chemical cleaners instead of green or organic cleaning solutions. But have you ever wondered what does that cleaning product contains? What ingredients make up the product? Can the solution lead to skin irritation? Such questions are important before making a buying decision because it can cause diseases, make employees and workers unwell, and pose danger to life itself. It can result in a lack of productivity and huge losses as well.

The chemical-based cleaners are harmful to people and the planet, dangerous for all living beings and it isn’t a sustainable choice. The Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs present in the chemical cleaning products reduce air quality thus leading to significant pollution in the closed office spaces as well. The poisonous substances act gradually and can severely damage the human body function, especially the respiratory system. The hard chemical formulations damage the property and fixtures as well.

Floor Cleaner and Fly Repellent for commercial spaces

Moreover, the chemicals after use are usually washed down the sink. Where do you think it goes? It reaches the groundwater and soil, causing pollution and disturbing the natural ecosystem. It reaches nearby water resources causing eutrophication, cutting off the oxygen supply to aquatic living beings. These are some of the drastic effects of using chemical-based cleaners. This is the reason commercial spaces should green up the cleaning routine with  eco-friendly, sustainable and organic cleaning products.

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With organic cleaning products, they are free of chemicals or toxic substances and eliminates bad odor by acting upon the grime deposits and dirt accumulated. It is, therefore safe for the environment. Unlike conventional chemical cleaners, using organic cleaning products causes no damage to fixtures and property as well.

Organica Biotech, one of the leading environmental biotech companies is on a mission to provide sustainable solutions to the world in cleaning and sanitation. The OB Care range of organic cleaning products is made from extracts of corn, vegetable oil, and plant-based ingredients and therefore 100% safe. Furthermore, the pH range of 6-7 makes it safe for daily use, and no harm to human skin is caused. The wide range of organic cleaning solutions includes Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, Organic toilet cleaner -Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Fly Repellent, Kitchen Cleaning products – Degreaser, Kitchen Drain Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid, and many more. It covers green cleaning of all your important places at home and promotes sustainable living too. Opt for OB Care range of organic cleaning products for a healthy today and a sustainable tomorrow.

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