Say Goodbye (And Good Riddance) To Stinky Washrooms Forever

For most people who work in offices, their least favourite part of the whole office experience is using the washrooms. Urine spills and standing water and soiled paper are all common occurrences in office washrooms. Also common are the ghastly, persistent odours that make using the washroom a dreaded affair for most people at the office.

Our clients, Eureka Forbes, were facing similar issues at their head office too.

The stink from their washrooms was so bad the entire office was overpowered by the odours. Like most places, they too tried air fresheners and chemical cleaners to get rid of the smell. As we have seen many times in the past though, air fresheners and chemical cleaners only provide temporary relief by masking the odours. They don’t actually treat the root cause of the odours.

When they approached us for a solution, we first did a thorough inspection of their washrooms. In our inspection, we discovered that the urinal sensors were not working properly. This, combined with the reverse gases coming through the urinal pots, were the reason for the stink in their washrooms.

We told them about the issue and informed them about our Flushfree™️ Urinal Care Program which not only resolves all odour issues in washrooms but also helps save 2 litres of water per urinal per usage. They readily agreed to convert all their existing urinal pots to waterless urinals with this program that doesn’t require any hardware modifications.

We started treatment with our Flushfree™️ Urinal Care Program, consisting of the OB Care Flushfree™️ Urinal Spray & OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner. Along with this, we also advised them to switch to OB Care Restroom Odour Eliminator & OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner for cleaning washrooms to ensure completely odour free washrooms permanently.

Our revolutionary OB Care FlushFree™️ Urinal Spray controls all odours in urinals and can be used on all types of urinals without any structural changes. Our OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner has a unique, specially formulated enzymatic consortium that completely degrades urinary waste deposits in drain lines, preventing reverse gases emanating from urinal drains and also stopping drain lines from getting clogged. The OB Care Rest Room Odour Eliminator is specially formulated to completely eliminate odours at source. The OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a unique enzymatic formulation that uses nanobiotechnology to clean toilets without the harmful effects of corrosive chemicals present in conventional toilet cleaners, effectively cleaning toilets and getting rid of stains.

At our client’s location, they started using our products in our given SOP and the results were almost immediate. After just 2 days, the odour was controlled and there was very minor stink. After 7 days, the washrooms were completely odour-free.

Our range of OB Care washroom cleaning and odour control solutions products are carefully and scientifically crafted to ensure washrooms are clean, fresh and free of all odours. Use the form below to contact us and learn how we can help you eliminate all the odours in your washrooms while also saving you from illnesses caused by chemical exposure from air fresheners and other cleaners.