Magic Away Foul Odours With OB Care Washroom Products

Cool Surf. Fresh Green. Summer Delight. Floral Bouquet. Lavender Mist. Swiss Meadow. Vanilla Garden. Citrus Bliss. Petal Pink. Himalayan Hills. Rosebud Romance. Ocean Breeze. And everyone’s favourite Natural Pine.

All wonderful manufactured fragrances that you will find on every shelf of every store. Fragrances in products that try to convince you that using them will leave your washrooms smelling like a valley of lilies in bloom.

And these products sell. Why? Because Excuse the rhyme, the washroom smells.

Even the smallest of offices will have multiple people using the washroom every day. And the consequence?

Urine spills, standing water, soiled paper, reverse gases, and various bacteria… all combine to leave washrooms smelling like a nightmarish cure for blocked noses.

And thus, we have millions of air fresheners in a variety of promised fragrances being sold every day around the world to rid washrooms of these smells.

But do these air fresheners really work?

The short answer is NO. And the long answer is, ALSO NO.


Because air fresheners don’t actually target the source of the bad smells in your washroom.

All they do is mask the odours, which works temporarily, but like a regular Bollywood movie, the stink returns in double-quick time, leading either to more air fresheners being used or productivity suffering at the office.


That doesn’t compute, does it? It’s just a little funky loo, after all. But a stinky, smelly washroom is a major cause of employee attrition in several ways.

Staff don’t use the loos because of the smell, leading to health complications, which in turn leads to them needing time off to mend their health, which directly affects productivity at the workplace.

And there is data to prove bad smells have a direct correlation to office morale. And even people are quitting.

Meaning you can either spend more money on employee engagement exercises to keep your people happy (Yay for indoor cricket.) Or just, here’s a wild idea: keep your washrooms clean and smelling fresh, not funky.

Oh. And no, the answer is not MORE AIR FRESHENER. Air fresheners are bad for you. Like, really bad.

In fact, the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) classifies air fresheners and household cleaners as one of the leading sources of indoor air pollution, triggering a host of diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever.

Loaded with chemicals – many of them toxic, like phthalates, acetaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde (you know, the stuff they use in the embalming fluid to preserve dead bodies with), and synthetic musk – continued exposure to air fresheners leaves you vulnerable to cancer hormonal imbalances, reduced sperm counts, diabetes and various respiratory ailments too.

Thankfully, there is an alternative that will work. Always. Our range of Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions.

Derived from nature and perfected with science and research.

Completely natural and backed by years of research, our OB Care range of washroom cleaning and odour control products focuses on solving the root of the problem and treating odours at source.

Our enzymatic formulations not only clean washrooms but also effectively degrade organic waste like urine deposits in drain pipes, thus neutralising the source of all bad odours, leaving your washrooms as one of the better brainstorming arenas at your workplace before you can even say presto chango.

Our OB Care Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions range includes:

  • OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • OB Care Rest Room Odour Eliminator
  • OB Care FlushFree ™️ Urinal Spray
  • OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner

The OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a unique enzymatic formulation that uses nanobiotechnology to clean your toilets without the harmful effects of corrosive chemicals present in conventional toilet cleaners.

The OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner effectively cleans toilets and gets rid of stains. It can be used in Indian and Western toilets and urinals and is completely safe for your septic tank, too, giving your ceramics a fresh and sparkling look.

The OB Care Rest Room Odour Eliminator is specially formulated to completely eliminate odours at source.

Washroom floors, walls, toilet bowls, urinals, and faucets can all be cleaned with the OB Care Rest Room Odour Eliminator.

Our revolutionary OB Care FlushFree ™️ Urinal Spray controls odours in your urinals and can be used on all types of urinals without any structural changes.

The OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner has a unique, specially formulated enzymatic consortium that completely degrades urinary waste deposits in drain lines, preventing reverse gases emanating from urinal drains and also stopping drain lines from getting clogged.

Together, our range of OB Care Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions products ensure the washrooms in your workplace are clean, fresh, and not smelly in the slightest.

Use our products and say goodbye to the days when visiting the washroom was an experience everyone dreaded. Magic?

Well, almost. You can call it green magic.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you eliminate all the odours in your washrooms while also saving you from illnesses caused by chemical exposure from air fresheners and other cleaners.