Mr. Maley And The (Soya) Beanstalk

Farming is the world’s oldest profession. But even with ancient wisdom and technological advances, farming is still heavily dependent on the vagaries of nature.

Excessive rains and the extended absence of rains can both wreak havoc on crops, leaving farmers struggling to keep up.

And with accelerating climate change changing weather patterns globally, this is increasingly a challenge farmers around the world are facing.

Rajesh Maley, too, was in a similar fix. A farmer from Murtizapur, Akola, he has been farming for nearly 20 years and has his own 4-acre piece of land.

He grows soybeans in the Kharif season, followed by the Bengal gram in the Rabi season.

Times, however, are tough in the entire Vidarbha region, as they have been for many years now. Severe drought spells, rapid climate change, and depleting soil quality have consistently been reducing crop yields and crop quality.

The frequent bouts of disease outbreaks haven’t helped matters for farmers in the region either.

After several legendary years of drought and extreme weather, Vidarbha saw extremely heavy rainfall this year. Which is not good news for our farmer friends.

Extreme rainfall can cause as much damage as a spell of drought can. Leaching of nutrients from topsoil, water logging, and impaired root development are some of the problems caused by extreme rainfall.

Mr. Maley, too, faced many problems with his soyabean crop. Yellowing of leaves, poor flowering, flower dropping, and weak branching all combined to portend extremely poor yields for him this season.

As luck would have it, though, Mr. Maley met our field staff at the local distributor, who recommended Magic Gro Super as an SOS treatment for his crop.

Mr. Maley began with one spray of Magic Gro Super, concentrated at 250 gm/acre, on the entire 4 acres of his soyabean plot. In just 15 days, he saw amazing results.

The leaves had gone from yellowish green to a much darker green, indicative of improved photosynthetic efficiency.

The flowering increased manifold, because of which they can now bear at least 10-12 pods per plant as opposed to the 3-4 pods they would’ve borne otherwise.

This will positively impact crop yields and reap great profits for Mr. Maley this year.

Encouraged by the results, Mr. Maley said that he would use the product every time he wished to tend to his soyabean field.

Not only this, but he is certain he wants to use Magic Gro Super on his Bengal gram crop as well.

A win for Mr. Maley, a win for Organica Biotech, a win for farmers, and more tofu for you to grill with that supersoft breakfast brioche.