How to Use Enzyme Cleaners: A Step-by-Step Guide

enzyme cleaner

Green cleaning is the future, and thus people are fast embracing safe and eco-friendly solutions for washroom cleaning and other applications in commercial spaces. Enzyme based cleaners have emerged as one of the best green cleaning solutions. These are now preferred due to their various advantages over traditional chemical-based cleaners.


Enzyme based cleaners, made up of plant-based ingredients are natural, chemical-free, safe and cause no environmental pollution. On the other hand, persistent use of chemical cleaners loaded with toxic substances may carry certain risks such as allergic reactions and skin problems. The chemical products are found to be a major source of environmental pollution as well. 


Before you learn more about how to use enzyme cleaners, you need to know first what an enzyme cleaner is.


Understanding Enzyme Cleaners

To better understand enzyme cleaners, it will be helpful to know how bacteria and enzymes work together. As you might already know, bacteria are tiny living microorganisms that are present everywhere. There are beneficial bacteria even in the human stomach, which help with digestion. Enzymes can be defined as the long-chain proteins which act as a catalyst for bacteria to perform their function.

In enzyme based cleaners, the enzymes are released by bacteria where it speeds up chemical reactions and breaks down the complex waste particles, thus making it easy for bacteria to consume them. The enzyme-based cleaners are capable of breaking down stains at the molecular level, and therefore they are more effective. In this way, both bacteria and enzyme combine to clean.

With an increasing preference for green cleaning solutions, various innovations are taking place in this field. Biotechnology has paved the way for the production of enzymes from natural sources, and their environment-friendly characteristic makes them a sustainable alternative to chemical cleaners. 

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Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with advanced enzyme based cleaning solutions. The OB Care range of products is made from extracts of corn, vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients. With a pH factor 6-7, they are 100% safe for cleaning crews, employees, visitors and staff in commercial spaces and pose no risk to the environment.

OB Care range of Enzyme Cleaners

Now that you know the science behind enzyme cleaners, find out how OB Care enzyme based cleaners can be used to break down stains and keep your washroom and toilet clean always. 

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Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator

It’s no secret that washrooms in commercial spaces can emanate bad odour as they are used frequently. It can make life difficult for those using the washroom as well. OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator is a special enzyme based formulation that helps eliminate washroom odour and gives a pleasant fragrance. 

FlushFree Urinal Spray

If your commercial space has urinals, urine deposits can accumulate, and foul odour can form over a period of time. Use OB Care FlushFree Urinal Spray and get rid of the urine deposits effectively. The formulation can be used for any type of urinals. It helps in degrading urine deposits and gives a pleasant fragrance. Additionally, when it is used in combination with OB Care FlushFree Urinal Drain Cleaner any urinal can be converted to a waterless urinal.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you want to embrace green cleaning and keep the toilet ceramic sparkling, the OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner with its unique enzymatic formulation will help prevent scale and stain build up. Unlike corrosive chemical cleaners, this solution is non-acidic and non-corrosive. 

Urinal Drain Cleaner

Urinal drain can clog due to various factors such as urine deposits in the drain lines. You can use the specially formulated OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner that degrades uric acid and organic wastes deposits in the drain lines and keep them unclogged and odour free. The non-acidic and non-corrosive action gently cleans and also prevents reverse gases that emanate from urinal drains and nahani traps.

Next time you think of cleaning, use Organica Biotech’s OB Care range of products. Free of unwanted chemicals and related problems, enzyme based cleaners are the excellent choice for green cleaning and odour free washrooms. 

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