How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great source of joy for those who love green living. Apart from the visual beauty and colourful decoration at homes and offices, there are several health benefits of indoor plants.

Indoor plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide which is just opposite to what we humans do.

This process purifies air by eliminating toxins and helps us breathe fresh air always.

Studies conducted over the years have shown that indoor plants boost your mood, reduce stress, maximize productivity, and improve general well-being.

It is incredible how the natural and vibrant colours of plants naturally calm our nerves and give us happy and healthy vibes. Thus, indoor plants are a great addition to the living and working environment.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

More often than not, indoor plants are grown in a greenhouse under ideal conditions. Therefore, it is essential to take special care of plants when they are moved to your home.

  • Sunlight

The amount of sunlight depends on the type of indoor plants you are growing in your home. Plants like Succulents and Cacti require sunlight every day to grow.

Foliage house plants have different requirements. Some require moderate light, while others need a high amount of sunlight. At the same time, low light is enough for indoor plants like Philodendron and Peace Lily.

Remember, too much or too little sunlight can attract pests, cause plant diseases, and even death. Therefore, it is essential to care for plants after understanding their sunlight requirements.

  • Water

Consistent water is necessary for the growth of plants. Over-watering and under-watering the soil can lead to drastic consequences.

Discoloured leaves, rotten patches, and loss of leaves are some signs of too much water. Brown and dried leaves and very slow leaf growth show that plants are not getting enough water.

Additionally, temperature and humidity must be measured using instruments to understand the dryness of the soil. You can stick your finger inside the soil and probe the wetness as well. This will help you know when to water the plants.

  • Fertilizer

When you water the plant, there is a possibility that nutrients may leach out of the soil. House plants are kept indoors, and they don’t have regular means or sources for nutrient replenishment.

This is the reason fertilizers should be used to provide plants with adequate nutrition. Avoid chemical or synthetic fertilizers as they can cause indoor pollution and may lead to various diseases in humans.

Especially if you have kids and pets, do not use chemical fertilizers. Instead, there are natural and safe soil revitalizers that can boost plant growth and keep the environment safe as well.

  • Pest attacks and Diseases

Always look out for pest attacks and diseases in indoor plants. Pests can affect plant growth in various ways. Some feed on the branch tips and leaves, while others cause mould growth, preventing the photosynthesis process in plants.

Diseases are rare but possible in indoor plants, and they cause rotting of the root, distortion of leaves, and lead to stunted plant growth.

  • Plant Varieties

Opting for a variety of plants in your home and office spaces can create a better, healthier environment and make it visually appealing, too.

As plants differ in their positive properties, you can choose different indoor plant types like Aloe Vera, Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily, etc. Therefore, it is important to provide extra care to all plant types so that they can grow well.

Due to a combination of different factors and a lack of adequate care, plants can become weak and lose their charm. It is, therefore, important to use soil revitalizers that can keep plants growing at their best.

Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Plant Care is a natural and safe soil revitalizer that boosts plant immunity and protects it from diseases.

The probiotic microbes stimulate stronger root growth & improve nutrient intake, and help in the growth of plants.

It is also known for enhancing greenery, brightening plants, and improving flowering and fruiting as well. Take care of your indoor plants with Magic Gro Plant Care.

Pants Kept near a Window

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