Are You Perturbed By The Diseases Caused In Your Tomato Farm? Here’s A Natural Solution For Boosting The Immunity Of Your Plants.

Tomatoes are one of the most widely grown crops ranging right from small backyard gardens to large fields.

Viral infections in tomato plants may be caused by numerous viruses. Most viral diseases in tomatoes are caused by the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and tomato leaf curl viruses (ToLCV); however, many other viruses may also cause significant losses of the crop.

Virus diseases of tomatoes cause serious damage and large economic losses to the farmers. The amount of loss can vary from 5% to 90% depending upon various factors.

The severity of the viral infection and manifestation of the resultant disease is dependent on numerous factors like the virus disease involved, the strain of the virus, the variety of tomato, the age of the plant at infection time, the temperature during disease development, the presence of other diseases, and the extent that viruses have spread in the planting.

Tomato plants affected by the virus are stunted or dwarfed. The leaflets are rolled upwards and inwards. Leaves are often bent downwards and are stiff and thicker than normal.

Young leaves are slightly chlorotic and the tomatoes are small, dry and unsaleable. Viral infections cause major losses to the farmers as the infected crops need to be uprooted and completely destroyed in order to control the spread of infection.

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A remedial blend of microbes, when added to the soil, boosts the immunity of plants and curbs the spread of viral diseases.

These microbes work in an orchestrated manner to enhance the photosynthetic ability of plants, improve leaf index and further, ameliorate the producitivity of tomato plants.

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Post by Brandt Ward