Biological Seed Treatment: Enhancing The Growing Power Of Plants

There is a continuously increasing demand for food from the planet’s growing population. This has put pressure on farmers worldwide to increase their yields.

This is particularly difficult since around 20-30% of the yields are lost to the onslaught of pathogens, insects, and weeds. The toll increases when we take climate change into consideration as well.

To prevent such attacks and safeguard global food supplies, adopting customized solutions is the way to go. This includes the increased use of effective yet sustainable products, such as those for biological seed treatment.

Seed Treatment has traditionally been carried out using highly potent but toxic agrochemicals. The use of agrochemicals has a huge impact on the environment and puts farmers at risk as well.

Therefore, a biological seed treatment is the right solution since microbial plant growth promoter can be just as effective but with zero environmental impact.

What is Biological Seed Treatment?

Biological seed treatment utilises living organisms and substances of natural origin to treat seeds. They could be beneficial microbes like fungi and bacteria or plant-derived compounds or extracts.

They can be applied in powder or liquid form, with the aim of spreading an even coat across the surface of the seed.

What Are the Benefits of Biological Seed Treatment?

Biological seed treatment has all-around positive effects on the growth rate, immunity of the seedling to biotic and abiotic stress, the development of the root system & its microbiome, and, therefore its ability to assimilate nutrients.

Some of the benefits observed are as follows:

  • Biostimulants improve the rate and frequency of germination;
  • Helps seedlings fight off plant pathogens at the most vulnerable development stage
  • Plant growth-promoting microorganisms influence the plant root’s microbial ecosystem, which influences nutrient uptake at later stages.
  • Seed treatment increases the availability of plant nutrients in the root system and increases nutrient uptake.
  • Uniform growth and establishment, even in adverse conditions
  • All the above factors contribute to improving yield.
  • Reduces the use of agrochemicals, which helps farmers reduce the impact on the environment and themselves as well

What Are the Ways to Implement Seed Treatment?

Seed treatment is a process that protects and promotes the growth of the crops. The three most widely used seed treatment procedures are as follows:

  • Seed dressing:

Seed dressing is the most common procedure of seed treatment. A dry formulation or wet treated with a slurry or liquid formulation is dressed around the seed.

These dressings can be for both farm and industrial crops. This can be done manually or mechanically as well.

  • Seed coating:

Along with the formulation, a special binder is used to secure the seed to ensure an even and secure coating. This kind of treatment needs advanced technology.

  • Seed pelleting:

This form of treatment is the most technologically advanced out of the three mentioned. It changes the physical shape of the seed for better protection and handling.

Pelleting is one of the most expensive applications due to the requirement for specialized application machinery.

Organica’s Biological Seed Treatment Solution

Magic Gro Plus, a product by Organica Biotech, can be implemented in the seed dressing phase of Biological Seed Treatment.

Magic Gro Plus contains a consortium of beneficial microbial plant growth promoters which harnesses favorable nutrients in the soil. It intensifies the germination of seeds, enhancing the power to improve yields.

It is easy to use as well. Just mix the seeds with the Magic Gro Plus powder.

Biological seed treatment using plant growth promoters in Magic Gro Plus holds the key to enhance plant growth, resist diseases, and improving yield.

Therefore, it is time to increase the productivity of crops and the fertility of the soil by using innovative and sustainable solutions and pave the way for a more promising tomorrow.

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