Conserve Water In Corporate Washrooms Without Compromising On Hygiene



Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for people, especially in the business world. Climate change continues to affect humans and the fate of species around the planet. As individuals, we are doing our part in protecting the environment; however, adopting sustainable business practices has become imperative for business owners, leaders, and administrators.


Making businesses more sustainable starts with being aware of the problem at hand and understanding just how important it is to make changes — both for the company and the planet.


The world’s biggest asset is at stake!


We know water is essential to the world’s economy, just like oil. Though the planet is covered in water, around 97% of it is seawater. Although most of it is frozen in glaciers, freshwater accounts for the rest, the polar region leaving less than 1% of the world’s water available to support human and ecological processes. 

From the one percent available freshwater, we have identified that the urinals in commercial spaces use 75,000 to 170,000 liters of water per year. This is equivalent to providing water to a population of 5000 people daily. 


What if commercial spaces can design a sustainable business model to prevent water wastage? 


Before designing the sustainable model, it is essential to set goals and review water-related issues to find loopholes. The first step to improve water sustainability is to find and fix leaking pipes, fixtures, and equipment. Another way to save water is by going waterless! The commercial sectors can install waterless urinals that would help in saving gallons of fresh water. 


However, the major drawback of waterless urinals are: 

 – It is not cost-effective.

 – Odor issues that lead to sanitation problems. 

 – Improper cleaning. 

 – Requires high maintenance.


To overcome this issue, our team at Organica Biotech has been conducting years of research and coming up with formulations that could change any existing urinals into waterless ones without making any hardware changes. Our advanced solutions are designed not just to resolve the water crises but also to help businesses cut down costs by going green. 


Water Saving Solutions By Organica Biotech


With our microbiome technology, our research team has developed an enzyme-based formulation that would help in saving water and, at the same time, protect employees’ health, customers, and surroundings from indoor pollution. 

Our water-saving solutions comprise four products that help save water and clean the washrooms. 


For preserving water, our experts recommend using our FlushFree™ Urinal Care Program, which consists of the following products: 

 1. OB Care Professional FlushFree™ Urinal Spray.

 2. OB Care Professional Urinal Drain Cleaner. 


To maintain washroom hygiene and preserve freshness, our experts suggest using the following products: 

 1. OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

 2. OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator. 


Let us understand each product’s role in conserving water without compromising hygiene.


OB Care Professional FlushFree™ Urinal Spray

The spray effectively controls washroom odors by degrading urine and urine deposits at the source. This non-corrosive formulation contains molecular sponge technology that adsorbs and neutralizes the odor leaving behind a pleasant-smelling washroom, and is compatible with all urinal types.


Key Benefits

 – It contains plant-based ingredients.

 – It is pH neutral making it safe to use. 

 – It can turn traditional urinals into waterless ones, thereby making them cost-effective. 


OB Care Professional Urinal Drain Cleaner

Our commercial cleaning solution is designed with a specialized consortium of enzymes that can degrade uric acid and organic waste deposits in the drainage lines ensuring it is clear, odor-free, and keeps the drains unclogged. The formulation prevents reverse gases that emanate from urinal drains and nahani traps.


Key Benefits 

 – It is non-acidic and non-corrosive. 

 – It contains zero toxic chemicals making it 100% safe to use. 

 – It helps in maintaining clear and odor-free drains. 


OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The toilet cleaners available in the market use a blend of chemicals. However, our formulation uses nanotechnology that contains a unique enzymatic formulation that directly acts on removing stains giving your ceramics a fresh and sparkling look.


Key Benefits

 – It contains a non-corrosive formulation that protects toilet bowls and all types of flooring. 

 – It prevents scale and stain build-up. 

 – It is a septic tank and STP safe. 


OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator

Our washroom cleaner and odor eliminator remove dirt and organic residues on bathroom tiling and floors, leaving behind a lasting refreshing fragrance and a pleasant washroom atmosphere. Our solution mainly covers walls in the washroom, corners, areas adjoining water closets, washroom floors, toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins, faucets, etc. 


Key Benefits

 – Neutralizes odor

 – Non-corrosive, 100% natural formulation

 – Long-lasting deodorizing effect


With our water-saving solutions, we have helped many corporate sectors switch to flush-free urinals and aid them in doing their bit to save the world for future generations.


Are you looking to turn your business green with our technology? Reach out to our experts and let us assist you in building a sustainable model for your organization. 

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