A Breakthrough Move – Under Namami Ganga Project, Kanpur

A breakthrough move has occurred in the well arrived and beneficial Bio toilet revolution in India. The center has recently decided to set up Bio toilets at Ganga ghats in Kanpur. Six ghats would be put up under the center’s Namami Ganga project. The biggest beneficiaries would be the farmers living at the banks in temporary settlements. This is one of the key benefits of bio toilets-they are highly economical and become a boon to the poor even in the inaccessible areas. They have a per day minimum use requirement of 200. This is easily possible keeping in view the commendable population of the city and the masses that visit these ghats. The aim of the project in the long run is the cleaning up of the Ganga river and its tributaries in a comprehensive way.

The strategy that works behind the scene is the beneficial activity of the microbes that form the culture of these bio-toilets. The stench and putrefaction are easily done away with. Such work is clearly commendable as it is future-ready, forward-looking and at the same time economical and efficient. The largest requirement for such strategies to work at the ground level is the true and strong will of all the stakeholders- the public, the providers, the facilitators and the awareness volunteers. The long term impacts of such proactive environmentally sensitive steps are highly fruitful. It would lead to a sustainable future. Additionally, the large scale impact that these projects have in remote areas help in contributing to environmental awareness and at the same time enabling a personal touch with the beneficiaries who once they experience the boons, recommend bio-toilets to many. Surely we are looking at a safer, brighter and improved India.

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