Unlock Superior Aquaculture With Organica Biotech

Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, and billions of dollars are now invested in this market. There has been an exponential increase in the consumption of seafood across the globe, and aquaculture production is predicted to increase by 32%, from 26 million tonnes in 2018 to 109 million tonnes in 2030.

With the rapidly growing population and food demand in the world, aquaculture is destined to play a vital role in food security and improved nutrition for humans. Thus, sustainable aquaculture solutions are inevitable for successful fish production.

Besides, there are many components of the aquaculture system that are in dire need of innovative solutions. It includes water pollution, fish feed, disease prevention and maximizing productivity sustainably. Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with advanced solutions which can help you unlock superior aquaculture with natural solutions.

Overfishing, water pollution, and environmental concerns ask for sustainable aquaculture solutions to maximize productivity. The latest solutions should be safe, natural and eco-friendly. The primary goal should be to improve water quality, fish feed, preventing diseases and contributing to food security. Probiotics are one of the latest approaches which promise safety, sustainability and benefits in aquaculture.

Probiotic can be defined as living microbial feed supplements which benefits the aquatic beings or microbial community by improving water quality, nutritional value, immune response and better use of fish feed. As per various studies conducted, probiotics have been embraced by shrimp farmers. It has helped in better growth, reduced FCR and pathogenic bacteria. It has a major impact on sustainable shrimp aquaculture.

Also, Biofloc technology is a popular system emerging in shrimp aquaculture and the likes which boost disease management and prevent environmental degradation. It uses beneficial bacterial community for recycling waste and supports no or low water exchange.

Organica Biotech’s range of aquaculture probiotic solutions made with advanced biotechnology are efficient for aquaculture management and solve all the challenges. Find out the characteristics of each of the products below:


Bioflok is a dense probiotic formulation fortified with natural and eco-friendly bacteria that maximizes the productivity of bio floc fish farming system. It facilitates the breakdown of nitrate and ammonia, promotes floc formation and improves water quality. Additionally, it prevents diseases and is very cost-effective.

Bioclean Aqua Fish

It is a biological water conditioner that can be used for fish cultivation in marine and freshwater. It is highly helpful in stabilizing water conditions, enhances biofloc formation, and provides efficient water treatment in fish ponds. The other highlights include pH maintenance, reduces malodour and decomposed organic sludge.

Bioclean Aqua Plus

Bioclean Aqua Plus helps increase the food uptake in Vannamei shrimp. It allows them to be cultured at high stocking densities and without getting affected by nutrient stress. The advanced solution also helps in boosting their tolerance for changing weather conditions. The bacterial community are capable of maintaining water and soil clean and arrests the spread of pathogenic bacteria as well.

Bioclean Aqua

Bioclean Aqua is a unique biological water conditioner containing a consortium of specially selected microbes that helps in bio-remediating tiger shrimp pond water. It prevents algal blooms, decomposes organic matter, prevents toxic gases from accumulating. Thus, it prevents diseases and improves water quality.

Bioclean Aqua Hatchery

Poor nutrition management and diseases often plague hatcheries. Bioclean Aqua Hatchery is a water conditioner made of multiple microbial strains, which work synergistically to reduce the toxicity levels and creates a healthier environment for the larvae and post-larvae stages. It effectively maintains the pH level, reduces diseases and water exchange as well.

Biogut Aqua

Biogut Aqua is a probiotic feed, and it contains a diverse array of beneficial gut bacteria that promote rapid and more efficient digestion of food in aquatic animals. Biogut Aqua improves the digestibility of ingested foods and accelerates nutrient assimilation, thus enhancing the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and improving their biomass.

Thus, our range of technologically enhanced products suited for Aquaculture can help overcome aquaculture challenges and maximize productivity without any negative environmental impact.

Post by Oscar Peter