4 Magical Products That Can Boost Crop Productivity In 2021

By 2050, the world population is estimated to reach 9 billion. According to food and agriculture experts, the world will need to produce 70% more food than today to meet the dietary needs of people.

Technological advancement and farming research in the past many decades helped in finding intensive agricultural practises that boosted crop productivity. Moreover, it led to an increase in food supply and meet the global demand. But unfortunately, this success has come at the expense of depleting soil quality, environmental pollution, greenhouse emission, loss of biodiversity, and excessive exploitation of natural resources.

Therefore, sustainable agriculture is a necessity for food security. This should be able to achieve the goal of crop productivity without compromising on nature. The solutions and processes should ensure production of food respecting ecological, social and economic situations as well. Also, we must begin to use sustainable solutions today to help future generations.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading biotech companies with a wide range of sustainable agricultural solutions aimed at increasing food productivity and protecting planet earth. For billions of years, beneficial microbes have been part of the soil boosting its productivity and providing protection. But due to extensive use of chemicals since the green revolution and climate stress, the beneficial microbiome has been lost. Therefore, we use microbiome enhancement technologies to restore the natural quality of soil as it is the key to successful as well as sustainable agriculture.

Here are four magical products from Organica Biotech that you can use to boost crop productivity in 2021 and begin your journey towards sustainable agriculture.

Magic Gro Super

Magic Gro Super is a consortium of effective and beneficial microbes which are specifically designed to replenish the plant microbiome. Applicable to all crops, it can enhance the flowering and fruiting capacity of the crops by improving plant metabolism and photosynthetic activity.

Moreover, it empowers crops to withstand abiotic and biotic stress of any kind by boosting its immunity. Using Magic Gro Super can greatly reduce your dependency on chemical inputs and help in better crop productivity and health.

Magic Gro PSB

Magic Gro PSB is an advanced agricultural solution from Organica Biotech. It consists of beneficial microbes that help in the assimilation of phosphorus by plants.

Phosphorus is a plant macro-nutrient that help in plant nutrition and plays a vital role in creating energy for plants during photosynthesis. But today, inorganic phosphorus content cannot be assimilated by plants as they are present in insoluble forms. This is where Magic Gro PSB microbes help in converting insoluble phosphorus into a soluble form which also improves nutrient utilization efficiency.

Magic Gro Nemacare

Magic Gro Nemacare helps in building plant immunity and the fight against nematode populations.

Nematodes can be understood as parasitic worms which are microscopic in size. Some of these species damage crops by decimating roots and feeding on moisture and nutrients available for plants. This often leads to plant diseases as the immunity is reduced. Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Nemacare helps in boosting plant immunity and root development.

Instead of using harmful chemicals, farmers can use natural and eco-friendly solutions like Nemacare for plant protection.

Magic Gro KMB

Potassium is one of the three major crop macronutrients that influences crop yields and crop quality. It plays a major role in photosynthesis, drought tolerance and disease resistance. The mineral form of potassium can only be taken up by the plant if it is mobilised by potash mobilising bacteria that senses a depletion in available potassium and produces organic acids to convert it into soluble form.

Magic Gro KMB is a proprietary blend of potash mobilising bacteria that colonise the plant rhizosphere and provide the plant with soluble potash.

Magic Gro KMB

With the help of Organica Biotech’s magical products, farmers can boost crop productivity in 2021 with reduced chemical inputs. Thus, it helps sustainable agriculture necessary for food security without harming the environment too.