The Science Behind Odour-Free Washrooms

In part 1 of this series, we spoke about public washrooms and the unholy odours associated with them. Today, we are here with information on the science (and the nature) of keeping your washrooms odour-free.

Cleaning washrooms is not a task that anybody enjoys. Especially when it comes to public facilities. But cleaning washrooms is something that needs to be done, without exception, on time. And this is doubly true for all public washrooms. Offices, hospitals, schools, malls, restaurants, tourist attractions, places of worship, railway stations, bus depots and all such public places need that care and attention. With the sheer number of people using them, washrooms in these places get dirty in no time. And they start to smell really bad really quickly too. These foul odours – caused by bacterial decomposition of biomass in drains, reverse gases, urine deposits in pipes, faulty plumbing, ammonia from urea degradation – make the toilet-going experience in public an experience in testing how long you can hold your breath. Alongwith the filth and the odours, janitorial staff also need to worry about uric acid deposition in urinal pots leading to stains and clogging of drains.

Every supermarket worth its salt stocks aisles upon aisles of cleaning products that promise sparkling washrooms with little effort and time, but they are all full of toxic chemicals. What’s more, these products act only superficially – they clean the visible surfaces, but leave the foul odours and odour-causing factors intact. They may kill bacteria in the toilet bowl and in the pipes but they don’t discriminate – they kill even the good bacteria. Like the non-pathogenic bacteria that decompose the biomass in the pipes and septic tanks. And when these chemicals eventually get flushed down, the wastewater kills aquatic plants and animals too and contaminates groundwater and soil.

These products corrode washroom fixtures and fittings and give off noxious fumes which add to indoor pollution. Even if used in small quantity, regular exposure to such chemicals is harmful. The janitorial staff who have to handle these products eventually suffer from a variety of chronic diseases due to prolonged exposure to these harmful chemicals. Air fresheners mask the foul smells for a while, but the root of the issue remains unresolved. And the foul odour becomes a permanent part of the washroom environment.

There isn’t enough regulation about chemicals in cleaning products, and many geographies don’t have enough safety data either. However, since the hazards of these products are established, why not switch to a natural alternative?

Natural products backed by scientific research contain a consortium of microbes cultivated specifically to help decompose organic matter, eliminating all chances of foul odours. These microbes produce organic materials or enzymes (a type of protein that consists of a chain of amino acids) that break down the organic biomass, making it easier for the bacteria to work on. Enzymes like proteases, amylase, cellulase and lipase are popular for dirt removal and stain cleaning. These enzymes change the physical composition of stains and odours that are protein-based or starch-based, breaking them down into smaller bits that are easy to lift or remove. Apart from these conventional enzymes used for cleaning, there are other bacterial enzymes such as uricase that help in degradation of urinal waste and therefore control odour. In biological cleaners, safe strains of bacteria and specific enzymes work together to remove all stains, grime and odour.

If you are looking for a magic formula to keep washrooms clean and smelling good, the OB Care range of products is just what you need. Scientific and natural, these are research-backed cleaning products that contain enzymes that clean, keep smells at bay and don’t put your health at risk either. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, effective and efficient, these cleaners are made of corn extracts, vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients and are formulated after extensive research.

With the help of a multi-enzyme approach, the organic cleaning products developed in our OB Care range can tackle all the dirty work. Our formulations leverage the goodness of nature for efficient cleaning and help to degrade the organic waste generated in wash rooms and urinals and prevent other unfavourable microbes from producing foul odour generating gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and others. They keep the pipes free of blockages, prevent reverse gases, remove hard water stains and leave no trace of dirt or odour in the restroom.

In order to tackle the two issues of the foul smell of ammonia and stains caused by uric acid in the urinals, a unique enzyme formulation, we have specially formulated the OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner. It prevents the formation of ammonia and degrades uric acid simultaneously. It is safe for all fixtures as it is 100% non-acidic and non-corrosive. And made entirely of plant based ingredients, it is completely biodegradable.

Our OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner, formulated utilising nanobiotechnology, cleans all ceramic fixtures to a sparkle and is completely septic tank safe too. It has no toxic ingredients and also protects against indoor pollution.

The OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator works at the source of all offensive odours and completely eliminates them. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used anywhere – toilet bowls to washbasins to walls to floor. As a pH neutral formulation, it is 100% safe for users and its immediate deodorising effect lasts long too.

All these benefits – effective cleaning, pleasant ambience and good health – are only part of the bigger picture. The impact of any substance on the environment is determined by its biodegradability. Conventional cleaning products do a good job of cleaning the surfaces visible to the eye, but the chemicals they contain also pollute our environment. Air pollution caused by VOCs (volatile organic compounds) released by chemical cleaners are contributing to rise in respiratory disorders and development of smog. As these chemicals make their way to water systems through drains, they harm aquatic life and disturb the ecosystem by causing eutrophication, or unnaturally high growth of algae, which saps all oxygen in water and kills all fish there.

On the other hand, natural cleaning products biodegrade easily and do not harm your health and the environment. They contain no chemicals that could be potentially harmful for the ceramic fixtures, drain pipes, septic tanks, water bodies or aquatic life. They help maintain good indoor air quality and do not contaminate the food chain either. They do their job, and then some!

If you are looking at natural solutions for keeping your washrooms clean and odour-free while also protecting the health of your cleaning staff and the people who use those washrooms, all you need to do is fill in the form below. Our solutions are all-natural and organic and the tender, loving care your washrooms need.