Mumbai Rains: More man made than natural?

We are living in an age where expansion and unabated construction is the name of the game. But we fail
to realise that this has distorted the bigger picture of a sustainable and safe existence. With ever rising
temperatures due to global warming and unplanned construction in dream city Mumbai- we have ended
up with more slum dwellers than proper settlements.

Commercial construction of roads for transport, release of wastewater, untreated sewage waste and
chemicals in the water bodies are other causes. Airports have been built and sea links constructed to ease
movement. Undoubtedly this has interfered with nature and threatened safety of the inhabitants in turn.
Another and one of the most avoidable causes for heavy rains and natural imbalance is lack of sufficient
and efficient infrastructure.

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Mumbai has a drainage system capable for only 25 mm of rainfall-a mark
which the actual rain often crosses leading us to flooded roads and threatened lives in Mumbai. Change is
essential, both on the practical and thought leadership levels to handle such situations with ample
preparedness beforehand. The message is clear-If man wants to lie in the lap of nature, there is no better
way then befriending it.