Introducing Bio – Sanitation Products 5 Day Maha Yagya Festival At Nagarpalika


Temple is a building reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice. It is located in India, where thousands of

visitors visit every day. It is about 2100 years old but it was rebuilt around a century ago with the aid of the people living there.

During this one of the biggest festival called Event 1 is held on 18 Dec to 20 Dec 2019 near MATA TEMPLE 300 acre place, also offers 140 acre land for parking, 27 acre land for having food (Prasad), 8 acre land for cultural programs, 7 acre land for children park, 10 acre for craft exhibition, 8 acre land for industrial exhibition continuous for 5 days. So it is very difficult to maintain the hygine of this temple and event 1.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • Disposal of waste in the near temple, which is leads to pollution.
  • Generation of Foul odour at various places in the temple.
  • In spite of good sanitation control, fly and mosquito breeding was initiated.
  • Continual usage of toilets by pilgrims causes foul smell.


Product Range :


Events near Mata Temple

( Application of these products were carried out )

Event 1

Event 1 is one of the biggest five day religious festivals which carried 108 kundi in that event 1, more than 1000 bhramins recite more than 100000 slocks (mantra). In this festival more than 60,00000 devotees, worshipers visited for there is biggest problem was solid waste management and odour of waste food also have mosquito problems because of waste so organica biotech gave above product for this solution.

They use these organic products for the following,

  • Cleaning of the marble on the temple and inside the shrine using BioArkk Surface Cleaning Technology.
  • Bioclean Compost on regular basis to reduce odour at dumping sites and converting the waste into useful compost, so as to maintain the soil quality.
  • Spraying BioArkk Mosquito and Fly Repellant, to safeguard the devotees from the health hazard which would be caused by the flies
  • Bioclean 702 to control odour of toilets and urinal



All the products from Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. were easy to use and highly effective. In spite of high number of devotees at temple and festivals, all products worked well. Authorities at this organisation found these products excellent in terms of performance and enabled Organica to meet sanitation standards at temple. Overall the execution was successfully carried out.