Five Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Products that every Organisation should have!

Five Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

As a business owner who wants to keep their company growing stronger and their workforce operating at maximum productivity, you don’t just need your staff to be well-trained, but healthy too. One of the essential things you must do to ensure employees’ well-being and safety is to keep the workplace clean. If you see your employees take sick leaves very often, it’s a warning sign that they are uncomfortable with the office environment, and that you need to fix it immediately. 

Most workplaces use chemical-based cleaners that are sometimes responsible for affecting the health of your employees, as the byproducts formed are toxic, which might cause allergic reactions. To encourage your employees’ productivity and leave a good impression on anyone visiting, you must opt for solutions that directly work on the odour source, killing germs and leaving behind a fresh, hygienic environment. 

Here are five essential, 100% natural eco-friendly cleaning solutions that have been designed by us after years of research, and can work like magic in your commercial space!

1) OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner
You might often see your staff complaining about the dirty washrooms. The chemical cleaners are not able to clean it thoroughly leaving behind toxic chemical residues and turning the ceramic yellow. With our research, we designed a pH-neutral solution that keeps the ceramic safe and simultaneously kills 99.9% of germs. The solution contains a unique enzymatic formulation utilizing nanobiotechnology, which is eco-friendly. The solution effectively cleans toilets and removes stains giving your ceramics a fresh and sparkling look. This organic toilet cleaner is also effective on hard water stains and prevents scale buildup. It can be used on Indian and western toilet bowls and urinals and is septic tank safe.

The dilution ratio of using our product is as follows: 

It is a ready-to-use product. 

2) OB Care Urinal Solutions
Employees often complain about the odour coming out of urinals. Many commercial spaces have shifted to waterless urinals however they’ve had a bad experience. With our research, we have come up with solutions that can keep germs at bay and kill the odour source. Our OB Care Professional Urinal Drain Cleaner degrades the uric acid and organic waste deposits in drain lines and keeps them clear, odour free and unclogged. Along with the Urinal Drain Cleaner, you can also turn your existing urinal flush free with OB Care Professional Flushfree Urinal spray. The non-corrosive formulation gives a pleasant fragrance and keeps the ceramic intact for years. 

The dilution ratio of OB Care Professional Urinal Drain Cleaner is as follows: 

100 ml in 1L water for each urinal and Nahani trap. Start with a daily dose initially for 7 days, and subsequently once a week at the end of the day.

The dilution ratio of OB Care Professional Flushfree Urinal Spray is as follows: 

1:1 dilution based on load factor. It is recommended to spray every 2 – 4 hours to convert your urinal into a waterless urinal.

3) OB Care Multipurpose Cleaner
In a commercial space, it is essential to keep the general areas such as passages, corridors, cabins, kitchens and washrooms spic and span. Our organic cleaning solution can be used everywhere to clean floors and surfaces. This cleaner has a mild, pleasant fragrance that dries quickly without leaving streaks and removes stains and dirt quickly. The natural ingredients in the product keep the space and environment free from toxic pathogens. 

The dilution ratio of using our product is as follows: 

General cleaning: 20ml in 1L water

Heavy soiling: 30-50 ml in 1L water

4) OB Care Glass Cleaner 
Imagine a potential client entering your glass cabin and seeing greasy fingerprints and streaks everywhere. We can save you from embarrassment. Our glass cleaner is a water-based organic formulation that can immediately eliminate stains, fingerprints and organic residue, leaving behind a streak-free finish. Our solution uses natural pH-neutral ingredients and is 100% safe to use. It can be used for all types of glass mirrors, windows, doors, vinyl, laminates, televisions, computer screens, and refrigerators.

The dilution ratio of using our product is as follows: 

General Cleaning: 20ml in 1L water

Heavy Soiling: 50ml in 1L water

5) OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator 
Many commercial washrooms are plagued with a lingering unpleasant smell. The air fresheners help mask the smell for a certain period but end up being temporary, inefficient and sometimes contributing to indoor pollution. Rather than masking the odour, you can neutralize it with our eco-friendly solution. This solution is made using natural ingredients and has enzymes that zap the odour by eliminating them at the source. The organic formulation can be applied on washroom walls, floors, washbasins, faucets, toilet bowls and urinals. It has a long-lasting effect and is highly effective without causing any side effects on the property and fixtures. 

The dilution ratio of using our product is as follows: 

For odour elimination- Ready to use. 

For cleaning washroom floors, toilet bowls, urinal, washbasins, faucets etc.: 20-50ml in 1 L water 

At Organica Biotech, we believe in providing sustainable, economical, eco-friendly, and, most importantly, effective solutions. Our OB Care Professional contains many other commercial cleaning products designed using natural ingredients. You can check our website or reach out to the experts if you are looking for more commercial cleaning solutions to transform your workspace into a happy, healthy and productive one!