Essential Oils Used In Cleaning Products & Its Anti-Viral And Anti-Bacterial Properties

While we spend more time indoors due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, regular cleaning and disinfecting is essential to keep oneself healthy.

Cleaning products made of essential oils are one of the most natural, safe, and potent ways to clean and remove dirt, debris, bacteria, and viruses as well.

The household cleaners today are full of toxic and harsh chemicals which do more harm than good. The synthetic fragrance can cause serious health issues like irritation and inflammation.

Additionally, these conventional home care, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning products have been found to cause headaches, watery eyes, upset stomach, and long-term illness because of the harsh antibacterial chemicals and cleaning agents they contain.

On the other hand, essential oils are formed naturally by extracting plants, flowers, and herbs. The process of steam distillation or cold pressing is used to extract the compounds, and therefore, it retains the scent and active medicinal ingredients of the same.

They are helpful in breaking down of grime and grease, eliminate accumulated dirt, mineral deposits and stains, especially the citrus family of orange and lemon.

What’s more, it emits a splendid fragrance to tingle your olfactory senses with no side effects.

So, the next time you decide to get on your knees and scrub with your hands, switch to essential oils for a safe and pleasant cleaning experience.

Another feature of essential oils is the disinfecting and purifying properties.

Technically, the presence of different types of naturally occurring phenolics, terpenes, and other antimicrobial compounds means that essential oils effectively kill several bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens.

In a nutshell – Cleaning products made of essential oils are best for cleaning and disinfecting your homes and offices.

We have listed some of the best cleaning and disinfecting essential oils for you.

Pine Oil

Pine is well-known for its natural, antibacterial, and anti-viral properties. It is highly effective in eliminating fungal growth on surfaces and fabrics.

Household germs like yeast spores and E.coli can be cleaned with Pine oil. Mainly used for floor cleaning, it can kill all kinds of pathogens.

Eucalyptus oil

Popular as a multipurpose cleaner, Eucalyptus oil boasts of having antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and works well to ward off pests.

Recent studies show that you can fight seasonal allergies and bacteria that cause pneumonia and influenza. Its cool scent makes it a favourite as well.

Lemon oil

An excellent cleaner, the lemon oil can be used for disinfecting metal surfaces, dishes, and clothes. It gives that clean, citrusy scent without any mix of toxic chemicals. It eliminates greasy substances and deodorizes foul odour.

Moreover, it has antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, which makes it the best essential oil.

Orange oil

If you face a grease problem at your home, the orange oil is the best option. Orange peel oil is known for Breaking down organic debris and thereby preventing the growth of microbes.

Only a few oils have the best cleaning and fragrant properties together, and the citrus scent in orange oil makes it one among them.

Lemongrass oil

The main components of lemongrass oil are myrcene, citral, geraniol, and nerol, which makes it a potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral essential oil. It has a potent odor-masking property and is one of the best essential oils for cleaning your home.

Tea tree oil

Regarded as one of the strongest cleansing oils, tea tree oil fights against bacteria, viruses, germs, and many kinds of bugs. Among the essential oils, it is one of the best choices for keeping yourself healthy.

Citronella Oil

The fresh and unique scent is what makes it distinct from other essential oils. The other highlight is its ability to repel disease-carrying insects and remove various harmful microbes.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil exhibits antibacterial and antiviral properties and exudes a camphoraceous and herbal fragrance. It is highly capable of warding off pests and destroying fungal growth from surfaces and fabrics.

It’s high time we say no to toxic cleaning products and embrace eco-friendly and natural essential oil cleaning products like that from Organica Biotech.

Since not all essential oils are created equally, the connoisseurs hand-pick the best depending on their properties and blend them to create a ThinkSafe range of cleaning products.

  • ThinkSafe Natural Floor Cleaner – A blend of pine, eucalyptus & citronella oils, it gives a sparkling finish and a natural way to keep your home clean.
  • ThinkSafe Natural Toilet Cleaner – With zero toxic chemicals, it is a combination of natural enzymes, lemongrass & eucalyptus oil for perfect toilet cleaning and a blissful smell.
  • ThinkSafe Natural Dish Wash Gel – Blended with Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, & Lemongrass Oil, the natural cleaning agent removes tough stains and gives utensils a shining finish.
  • ThinkSafe Natural Kitchen Cleaner – It consists of a blend of lemon oil & orange oil, which acts on grease, grime, dirt, and spills tough, and leaves the kitchen all fragrant.
  • ThinkSafe Natural Bathroom Cleaner – Combining the properties of lemongrass & rosemary oil, the refreshing and natural bathroom cleaner removes all kinds of dirt, scum, and mould.


Now engage in cleaning and disinfecting your homes in a natural and safe manner with Organica Biotech’s ThinkSafe range of cleaning products made with essential oils to fight off all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

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